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DataSciencePython - common data analysis and machine learning tasks using python

  •    Python

This repo contains a curated list of Python tutorials for Data Science, NLP and Machine Learning. Curated list of R tutorials for Data Science, NLP and Machine Learning.

awesome-datascience - :memo: An awesome Data Science repository to learn and apply for real world problems


An open source Data Science repository to learn and apply towards solving real world problems. First of all, Data Science is one of the hottest topics on the Computer and Internet farmland nowadays. People have gathered data from applications and systems until today and now is the time to analyze them. The next steps are producing suggestions from the data and creating predictions about the future. Here you can find the biggest question for Data Science and hundreds of answers from experts. Our favorite data scientist is Clare Corthell. She is an expert in data-related systems and a hacker, and has been working on a company as a data scientist. Clare's blog. This website helps you to understand the exact way to study as a professional data scientist.

huri - Tools for the lazy data scientist

  •    Clojure

A long time ago, there was a girl named Huri. Huri’s mother loved her daughter very much, and she always praised Huri. Huri’s mother stopped everybody who passed. She would point at the chair where Huri was sitting. She would say, “That’s my beautiful, hardworking Huri!” Huri always sat outside. She sometimes took naps in her chair. Other times, she sang simple songs. And Huri’s mother praised her hard work and beauty. All of the people in the town listened to Huri’s mother speak of how hard Huri worked. But they were confused; no one ever saw Huri do any work. Soon, the people in town began to giggle when Huri’s mother praised Huri. When they saw her, they whispered, “Here comes Lazy Huri’s mother.” One day, a stranger came into the town. When Huri’s mother saw him, she told him about Huri. She said, “My daughter is very beautiful and hardworking.” The next day, the man visited the king; he was the king’s messenger. He told the king about the beautiful and hardworking girl. The king said, “My son, the prince, will marry this hardworking girl!” The very next week, the prince and Huri were married! Everybody thought that Huri’s mother had planned the whole thing. That is why she had lied about how hard Huri worked; she did it to trick the prince! People sometimes asked Huri’s mother if she had tricked the prince into marrying her daughter. But she never admitted it. She only smiled and winked.Huri is still in flux. However it is already used extensively (and has been for some time) at GoOpti, so it can be considered at least somewhat battle-tested.

Client-Retention-Through-Data-Analysis-On-zOS - Analyze customer churn data using Python and Jupyter Notebooks via IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS

  •    Jupyter

This demo is an exploratory Jupyter Notebook. It analyzes customer data and customer credit card transactions data on the mainframe to discover potential factors for why they would leave the bank. So let's set up the back story for this demo: You are a bank that is experiencing customer retention issues, or in data scientist terms, customer churn. Now, the data science team (you) will need to analyze the data to see what features are good indicators of potential churn.

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