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mockup_loader - SAP ABAP tool for unit testing

  •    ABAP

The tool is created to simplify data preparation/loading for SAP ABAP unit tests. In one of our projects we had to prepare a lot of table data for unit tests. For example, a set of content from BKPF, BSEG, BSET tables (FI document). The output of the methods under test is also often a table or a complex structure. The first part of the code takes TAB delimited text file bkpf.txt in TEST1 directory of ZIP file uploaded as binary object via SMW0 transaction...

data-science-live-book - An open source book to learn data science, data analysis and machine learning, suitable for all ages!

  •    TeX

This book is now available at Amazon in [Kindle]( Link: http://a.co/d/dIj1XwD) Black & White and color 📗 🚀. Most of the written R code can be used in real scenarios! I worked on the funModeling R package at the same time, so it is used many times in the book.

grimlock - library for performing data-science and machine learning related data preparation, aggregation, manipulation and querying tasks at scale using Scalding or Spark

  •    Scala

For information on the API, see the scaladoc. Links to detailed examples are included at the end of the Scalding and Spark sections below. The basic data structure in grimlock is a N-dimensional sparse Matrix. Each Cell in a Matrix consists of a Position and Content.

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