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PyTorch-NLP - Supporting Rapid Prototyping with a Toolkit (incl. Datasets and Neural Network Layers)

  •    Python

PyTorch-NLP, or torchnlp for short, is a library of neural network layers, text processing modules and datasets designed to accelerate Natural Language Processing (NLP) research. Join our community, add datasets and neural network layers! Chat with us on Gitter and join the Google Group, we're eager to collaborate with you.

climata - Python library for loading and iterating over climate and flow time series data (from ACIS/NOAA RCCs, CoCoRaHS, Hydromet/USBR, CNRFC ESP/NWS, SNOTEL/AWDB/NRCS, and NWIS/USGS)

  •    Python

climata is a pythonic interface for loading and processing time series data from climate and flow monitoring stations and observers. climata leverages a number of webservices as listed below. climata is powered by wq.io, and shares its goal of maximizing the reusability of data parsing code, by smoothing over some of the differences between various data formats. See https://github.com/heigeo/climata to report any issues.