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itom - An Open Source Measurement, Automation and Evaluation Software Suite

Software suite for operating measurement systems, lab automation and data evaluation. It comes with Python as embedded scripting language; hardware components and algorithms are connected via a powerful plugin system. One main application of itom is the development and operation of sensor and measurement system for instance in a laboratory environment.

Experfwiz (Exchange Performance Data Collection tool)

ExPerfWiz is a powershell based script to help automate the collection of performance data on Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 servers

Sedge: An Automated Error Reporting Tool

Sedge is a highly customizable tool designed to help your customers create error reports. The reports can include log files, data files, system information, screenshots or any user's files.

LabJack U3 DIO interface Library, Homeseer and other interface.

This project will contain the necessary classes etc to allow a user with minimal experience utilize the LabJack U3 DIO device. This is a low cost, high reliability ADIO interface via USB. See http://Labjack.com for hardware details. This project will build on the set of .net d...

android_viewtracker - A data collection library for click and exposure event with the UI.

ViewTracker is a data collection library for click and exposure event in user interaction, based on the view event delegate and filter, used to insert statistical code tracelessly and noninvasively.The app send a broadcast after pull configuration, internal receiver get it to modify configuration.

RainGauge - RainGauge

Rain Gauge is a tool to simplify the process of collecting detailed information from mysql database servers when specific conditions are triggered. Collections are packaged and centralised in one place, with a convenient web interface to let you explore the data easily. This tool uses a modified version of the percona toolkit script pt-stalk to handle collecting data from remote servers.Installation consists of two parts: setting up the web interface, and setting up the collector.