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simple-peer - 📡 Simple WebRTC video/voice and data channels

  •    Javascript

This module works in the browser with browserify.Note: If you're NOT using browserify, then use the included standalone file simplepeer.min.js. This exports a SimplePeer constructor on window.

webrtc-connect - Establish WebRTC Data Channels between browser-node and node-node with a TCP/HTTP/WebSockets "createServer/attach" like interface

  •    Javascript

WebRTC provides a set of different features, one of them being confidentiality, that is, WebRTC Data Channels are encrypted by default and can't be eavesdropped, while for WebSockets, we need first to set up TLS/SSL. When it comes to implement authenticity, make sure to reference to "WebRTC and MITM Attacks" article from on WebRTC Hacks, as it offers a very good insight.

webrtc-data-channel-demo - WebRTC Data Channel demo

  •    Javascript

A simple example of WebRTC Data Channels. Uses postMessage() as a substitute for a real signalling channel. I've made this because I was frustrated with the lack of good WebRTC data channel examples and tutorials online.

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