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graphql-js - A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

The JavaScript reference implementation for GraphQL, a query language for APIs created by Facebook. It is a query language describing the capabilities and requirements of data models for client‐server applications. It is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

Gimel - PayPal's Big Data Processing Framework

  •    Scala

Gimel provides unified Data API to access data from any storage like HDFS, GS, Alluxio, Hbase, Aerospike, BigQuery, Druid, Elastic, Teradata, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

data-api-client - A "DocumentClient" for the Amazon Aurora Serverless Data API

  •    Javascript

The Data API Client is a lightweight wrapper that simplifies working with the Amazon Aurora Serverless Data API by abstracting away the notion of field values. This abstraction annotates native JavaScript types supplied as input parameters, as well as converts annotated response data to native JavaScript types. It's basically a DocumentClient for the Data API. It also promisifies the AWS.RDSDataService client to make working with async/await or Promise chains easier AND dramatically simplifies transactions. For more information about the Aurora Serverless Data API, you can review the official documentation or read Aurora Serverless Data API: An (updated) First Look for some more insights on performance.

local-data-api - Data API for local, you can write unittest for AWS Aurora Serverless's Data API

  •    Python

If you want to run tests on your local machine and CI then, local-data-api can run in your local machine with MySQL and PostgreSQL Servers. local-data-api is "proxy server" to real databases.

py-data-api - A user-friendly client for AWS Aurora Serverless's Data API

  •    Python

py-data-api is a client for Data API of Aurora Serverless. Also, the package includes SQLAlchemy Dialects and DB API 2.0 Client. Warning: Some interface will be changed.

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