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dat - :floppy_disk: Share & live sync files anywhere via command line

  •    Javascript

A distributed data community. Dat is a nonprofit-backed community & open protocol for building apps of the future. Use Dat command line to share files with version control, back up data to servers, browse remote files on demand, and automate long-term data preservation.

beaker - An experimental peer-to-peer Web browser

  •    Javascript

Beaker is an experimental peer-to-peer Web browser. It adds new APIs for building hostless applications while remaining compatible with the rest of the Web. Visit the website. Please feel free to open usability issues. Join us at #beakerbrowser on Freenode.

docs - Documentation resources for dat and the surrounding ecosystem

  •    CSS

Repository for the documentation of the Dat Project ecosystem. View the docs at docs.datproject.org. See docs folder for information on editing and adding docs. Once you finish editing the docs, send a PR to the master branch to get the edits automatically deployed.

dat-node - Node module for creating Dat applications with distributed file systems.

  •    Javascript

dat-node is a high-level module for building Dat applications on the file system. Many of our dependencies work in the browser, but dat-node is tailored for file system applications. See dat-js if you want to build browser-friendly Dat applications.

webdb - The Web is your database.

  •    Javascript

Next we add archives to be indexed into the database. Now we can begin querying the database for records.

datBase - Open data powered by Dat

  •    Javascript

Open data powered by Dat. Future-friendly apps for your research data pipeline. Hosted at http://datbase.org. Each deployment should have a different secret key. You want to set the secret key for generating password hashes and salts.

dathttpd - Replaced by Homebase! See https://github.com/beakerbrowser/homebase.

  •    Javascript

DatHTTPD has been replaced by Homebase! Same basic design, but more features and an easier-to-pronounce name. A Web server for Dat and HTTPS.

fritter - A peer-to-peer social feed app. (proof of concept)

  •    Javascript

An example application that demonstrates how to build peer-to-peer Web applications with Beaker Browser, Dat, and WebDB. Fritter uses libfritter to manage its data definitions and methods. Check it out to see a well-documented example of using WebDB.

homebase - Self-deployable tool for seeding dat:// websites

  •    Javascript

homebase is a self-deployable tool for managing websites published with the Dat protocol. Don't want to run homebase yourself? You can still make sure your dat:// website stays online by using a service like Hashbase. Or maybe you can convince a generous friend to run an instance of homebase using its built-in Pinning Service APIs.

level-dat - LevelDB storage backend for Dat

  •    Javascript

Insert a key and value. Use opts.version = number to specify the version.Get a key and value and version.

dat-npm - npm registry on dat

  •    Javascript

npm registry on dat

dat-replicator - Replicate dat using streams

  •    Javascript

Thats it! All of the changes that datSend have and that datReceive doesn't will be inserted into datReceive.

abstract-blob-store - A test suite and interface you can use to implement streaming file (blob) storage modules for various storage backends and platforms

  •    Javascript

A test suite and interface you can use to implement streaming file (blob) storage modules for various storage backends and platforms.The goal of this module is to define a de-facto standard streaming file storage/retrieval API. Inspired by the abstract-leveldown module, which has a test suite that is usable as a module.

dat-keychain-storage - Store your Dat archive's secret key in the macOS keychain.

  •    Javascript

Store your Dat archive's secret key in the macOS keychain. This is an extremely simple module wrapping dat-storage, which does all the heavy lifting of storing files in the right places.

geniza - hobby implementation of dat in rust

  •    Rust

this is a poor / partial / non-compliant dat implementation in rust. Requires the libsodium library installed system-wide to run, and header files (libsodium-dev) for now, due to dynamic linking and the simple build configuration. It should be possible to statically link a free-standing executable, and to auto-build the libsodium C library during compilation if it isn't found system-wide.

hyperfeed - decentralized rss publishing

  •    Javascript

Hyperfeed is a self-archiving P2P live feed. You can convert any RSS/ATOM/RDF feed to a P2P live update publishing network. The public key identifying the feed.

dat-download - simple dat downloading module

  •    Javascript

One-time file downloads via Dat. Download a single file or subdirectory from a dat. Automatically joins the network and handles everything for you.

dat-now - Deploy this to now.sh to host a dat

  •    Javascript

Publish live syncing and versioned websites, files, whatever to now.sh instantly and forever. Set your dat key as an environment variable + deploy via now. You only need to deploy once for each dat key.