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kibi - Kibi is a friendly - kept in sync - Kibana fork which add support for joins across indexes and external sources, tabbed navigation interface and more

Kibi extends Kibana 5.5.2 with data intelligence features; the core feature of Kibi is the capability to join and filter data from multiple Elasticsearch indexes and from SQL/NOSQL data sources ("external queries").In addition, Kibi provides UI features and visualizations like dashboard groups, tabs, cross entity relational navigation buttons, an enhanced search results table, analytical aggregators, HTML templates on query results, and much more.

community - 🛠 The Document IDE

To bring software development inspired features to the world of documenting -- refactoring, importing, testing, linting, metrics, PRs, versioning....Documize is an intelligent document environment (IDE) for creating, securing and sharing documents -- everything you need in one place.

kube-prometheus - Use Prometheus to monitor Kubernetes and application running on Kubernetes

This repository collects Kubernetes manifests, dashboards, and alerting rules combined with documentation and scripts to provide single-command deployments of end-to-end Kubernetes cluster monitoring.This repository has been merged with the Prometheus Operator. It can now be found under contrib/kube-prometheus.

silk - Silk is a port of Kibana 4 project.

Silk is an open source (Apache Licensed), browser based analytics and search dashboard for Solr. Silk is a snap to setup and start using. Silk strives to be easy to get started with, while also being flexible and powerful.

AnyChart-Ember - AnyChart Component for Ember CLI provides an easy way to use AnyChart JavaScript Charts with Ember Framework

AnyChart Component for Ember CLI provides an easy way to use AnyChart JavaScript Charts with Ember Framework.First, you need to download and install NodeJS if you don’t have it installed already.

dashboard-extension-funnel-d3-item - The FunnelD3 custom dashboard extension based on the Web Dashboard control

A custom FunnelD3 item renders a funnel chart using the D3Funnel JS library.Note that the custom export functionality implemented in the Funnel D3 item is not supported for the Internet Explorer browser due to the problem with HTML canvas drawing. If you use IE 11 or earlier versions, the export buttons will be hidden. Refer to the following Microsoft issue to learn more: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/platform/issues/1015651/.

dashboard-extension-online-map-item - The Online Map custom dashboard extension based on the Web Dashboard control

The Online Map extension is a custom dashboard item that allows you to place callouts on Google or Bing maps using geographical coordinates.This custom item supports the Master-Filtering feature.

dashboard-extension-parameter-item - A custom Parameter dashboard item

A custom Parameter item renders dashboard parameter dialog content inside the dashboard layout and allows you to edit and submit parameter values.To add a custom Parameter item to the Web Dashboard, follow the steps below.

dashboard-extension-simple-table - A custom Simple Table dashboard item

A custom Simple Table item renders data from the measure / dimensions as an HTML table.You can use the Simple Table as a detail item along with the Master-Filtering feature.

dashboard-extension-webpage-item - The Web Page custom dashboard extension based on the Web Dashboard control

A custom **Web Page** item allows you to display a single web page or a set of pages. You can use the Web Page as a detail item along with the [Master-Filtering](https://documentation.devexpress.com/#Dashboard/CustomDocument117060) feature.

reports_kit - Beautiful, interactive charts and tables for Ruby on Rails

ReportsKit lets you easily create beautiful, interactive charts and tables. For examples and documentation, see reportskit.co.