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emacs-planet-theme - Emacs 24+ theme inspired by the former color palette of Gmail's "Planet" theme.

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Planet is a theme for Emacs inspired by the color palette of the former Gmail theme, "Planets." I don't know the artist to credit for developing the original Planets palette, but I'll gladly do so when I know their name. This theme is being testing with Emacs 24 and deftheme -- color-theme-package not required.

eziam-theme-emacs - A mostly grayscale theme for Emacs, inspired by Tao and Leuven.

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Both the Melpa and Melpa stable versions are actually stable and fit for daily use; experimental features are tested on separate branches.

emacs-nova-theme - A dark, pastel Emacs color theme

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This is a dark, pastel color theme for Emacs based on Trevor Miller's Nova color scheme. Add (load-theme 'nova t) to your config to load at startup.