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QDarkStyleSheet - A dark style sheet for QtWidgets application

A dark stylesheet for Qt applications (Qt4, Qt5, PySide, PyQt4, PyQt5, QtPy, PyQtGraph). You can use the setup script and pip install.

GitHub-Dark - :octocat: Dark GitHub style

📦 Install the usercss which supports automatic updates. 📦 Install GitHub-Dark Script which supports automatic updates and live customization. Refer to its README. 📦 Install from userstyles.org with customization, does not support automatic updates. 📦 Install manually from GitHub with no customization, but useful for development. The style is in Mozilla format. 📦 Install via custom build with customization from configuration file. Refer to this wiki page. ⚙️ GitHub-code-wrap to wrap long lines in code boxes. ⚙️ GitHub-Commit-Limit to show line length limits when editing a commit message. ⚙️ GitHub-FixedHeader to have a fixed header. ⚙️ GitHub-Selected-Tab-Color to customize tab colors. ⚙️ GitHub-tab-size to set a fixed tab size in code.

dracula-theme - :scream: A dark theme for all the things!

A dark theme for Atom, Alfred, Emacs, Highlight.js, Hyper, iTerm, JetBrains, Pygments, Slack, Sublime Text, TextMate, Terminal.app, Vim, Xcode, Zsh and many more. All instructions can be found at draculatheme.com.

slack-black-theme - A darker, more contrasty, Slack theme.

A darker, more contrasty, Slack theme. Find your Slack's application directory.

darkreader - Dark Reader Chrome and Firefox extension

This extension inverts brightness of web pages and aims to reduce eyestrain while browsing the web. Visit Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons for more info. Donate via Open Collective.

idea-one-dark-theme - One Dark theme for IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm

Go to File | Import Settings... and specify the idea-one-dark-theme directory or the settings.jar file. Click OK in the dialog that appears. Go to Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts and select one of the new color themes.

night-owl-vscode-theme - 🌌NIGHT OWL: A VS Code dark theme for contrast for nighttime coding

If you wish to disable italics, there is now a no-italic theme available. You will have access to both, select Night Owl No Italics as your color theme. The preview image is using Bracket Pair Colorizer, a really cool extension that highlights matching brackets. This can help reduce unwanted errors.

ThemeKit - macOS theming library

ThemeKit is a lightweight theming library completely written in Swift that provides theming capabilities to both Swift and Objective-C macOS applications. ThemeKit is brought to you with ❤️ by Nuno Grilo and the Paw team.

tusk - 🐘 Refined Evernote desktop app

Tusk is an unofficial, open source, third-party, community driven, free Evernote app with a handful of useful features.Come over to our Gitter channel to share your thoughts on the project or to just say hi.

vim - :scream: A dark theme for Vim

A dark theme for Vim. All instructions can be found at draculatheme.com/vim.

darkness - Dark Themes for Popular Websites

Darkness is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that provides dark themes for popular websites such as Google, Facebook, Gmail and YouTube.

spacemacs-theme - Light and dark theme for spacemacs that supports GUI and terminal

Spacemacs theme is an Emacs color theme that started as a theme for spacemacs. The theme comes with dark and light variants and it should work well with 256 color terminals. The theme has good support for org mode.

matcha - Matcha is a flat Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell

Matcha is a flat Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc.Update your gtk(gnome) version on Mint if you want use matcha on Linux Mint.

ao - ✔️ Elegant Microsoft To-Do desktop app

Ao is an unofficial, open source, third-party, community driven, free Microsoft To-Do app with a handful of useful features.Come over to our Gitter channel to share your thoughts on the project or to just say hi.

vscode-winteriscoming - Dark theme with fun and bright foreground colors

This extension for Visual Studio Code adds two themes titled "Winter is Coming". There are both dark and light themes.I personally use the dark theme for most occasions, but find the light theme good on some dimmer projectors when I present.

vim-color-spring-night - Calm&low-contrast spring color scheme for Vim

spring-night is a low contrast calm color scheme for Vim. It's colored with deep blue background, shiny yellow foreground and sakura🌸 text selection. If you want to see more code, please visit demo page site.

prassee-emacs-theme - dark theme for Emacs based on Doom Theme (https://github

A dark theme for Emacs. Since Iam using this theme for myself, I hope can push updates frequently.

hydrangea-vim - Hydrangea theme for Vim.

This repository includes a color scheme file for Vim. Currently, the colors for terminals, i.e. cterm* values, are not tested well. Please create an issue when you find a problem.