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Exposed - Kotlin SQL Framework

  •    Kotlin

More examples and documentation on the wiki.

Prisma - Next-generation ORM for Node.js and TypeScript

  •    Typescript

Prisma helps app developers build faster and make fewer errors with an open source ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite. It makes database access easy with an auto-generated and type-safe query builder that's tailored to your database schema. It provides an alternative to traditional ORMs and SQL query builders.

doobie - principled database access for scala

  •    Scala

doobie is a pure functional JDBC layer for Scala. It is not an ORM, nor is it a relational algebra; it just provides a principled way to construct programs (and higher-level libraries) that use JDBC. doobie introduces very few new abstractions; if you are familiar with basic scalaz typeclasses like Functor and Monad you should have no trouble here.

minime - Minimi Token. ERC20 compatible clonable token

  •    Javascript

Anybody can create a new clone token from any token using this contract with an initial distribution identical to the original token at a specified block. The address calling the createCloneToken function will become the token controller and the token's default settings can be specified in the function call. Once the clone token is created, it acts as a completely independent token, with it's own unique functionalities.


  •    ASPNET

O Q (pronuncia-se “kiu”) é um framework open source para Asp.Net C# criado por Glayson Melo e Hermógenes Ferreira que utiliza como base o Entity Framework. O objetivo do Q é simplificar o desenvolvimento de aplicações corporativas. Além de facilitar o uso do Entity Framewor...



dk2Repository is a expandable light weight data access layer supporting SqLite, MySql and SQL Server. The primary focus is on combining an or-mapper with the possibility to invoke custom sql queries.

Shuttle Core


Shuttle Core is a project that contains cross-cutting libraries for use in .net software development.

dibi - Dibi - smart database abstraction layer

  •    PHP

Database access functions in PHP are not standardised. This library hides the differences between them, and above all, it gives you a very handy interface. The Dibi 4.0 requires PHP version 7.1 and supports PHP up to 7.2. Older Dibi 3.x requires PHP 5.4 and supports PHP up to 7.2.

mesa - simple elegant sql for nodejs

  •    CoffeeScript

mesa is a moving target. we are using it in production and it grows and changes with the challenges it helps us solve.this documentation does not yet represent everything that is possible with mesa. feel free to look at the code. it's just around 600 lines.

play2-crud - Simple CRUD & DAO implementation for play2

  •    Java

For the Typesafe Activator check play2-crud-activator. Follow these steps to use play2-crud. You can also use it partially just for DAO or CRUD controllers. If you think any part needs further explanation, please report a new issue.

sprest - Sprest is a collection of libaries to make building REST services simpler using Spray.

  •    Scala

Sprest is a collection of libaries to make building applications simpler using Spray. Spray provides a general toolkit for building your own web application stack. Sprest builds on top of the toolkit to provide additional (more implementation-specific) libraries to help with building your application's stack. Provides ReactiveMongo DAO implementation.

daico - Decentralized Autonomous Organization + Initial Coin Offering = DAICO

  •    Javascript

Decentralized Autonomous Organization + Initial Coin Offering = DAICO. This is an working version that has not been audited, use at your own risk.

mongo - Light-weight utilities to augment, not replace the Python MongoDB driver.

  •    Python

Marrow Mongo is a collection of small, focused utilities written to enhance use of the PyMongo native MongoDB driver without the overhead, glacial update cycle, complexity, and head-space requirements of a full active record object document mapper. Additionally, it provides a very light-weight database connection plugin for the WebCore web framework and Python standard logging adapter to emit logs to MongoDB. Additional documentation is provided in the form of an online reference manual.

digixdao-contracts - Solidity contracts for DigixDAO

  •    Ruby

DigixDAO Contracts for Ethereum. For more information please visit the DigixDAO Crowdsale website.

BITNATION-Framework - Modular and upgradeable framework to create and manage entities in the blockchain

  •    Javascript

The framework is created with smart contracts in Solidity. We dedicated a significant amount of work into making the contracts upgradeable, which is still quite rare in the Ethereum smart contract ecosystem.

milestonetracker - Milestone Tracker Contract

  •    Javascript

The MilestoneTracker is a smart contract between a donor and a recipient. It ensures that a recipient will get paid when they complete the approved Milestones and that the donor will receive the money back if a milestones is not completed. However this contract never holds funds and only signals to the Vault to send ether upon the completion of a Milestone. After the recipient proposes their Milestones and the donor accepts them and sends the ether the recipient expects to receive to the vault, the recipient can work towards the Milestones with confidence that once they accomplish it, they will receive the expected amount of ether.

MVP - The First Prototype of CharityDAO: An Open Source Platform for Effective Charitable Giving

  •    Javascript

This is the repository for the first prototype of CharityDAO (name to be changed): An Open Source Platform for Effective Charitable Giving. We hope to cooperate, collaborate and integrate with projects that can add value to Charity development whenever possible. WeiFund, Benefactory, Colony, Boardroom, WingsDAO, MakerDAO, and Status.im all are very interesting and have potential to help us improve the Charity Dapp.

vaultcontract - Timelock vault for securing the payments

  •    Javascript

This contract is designed to hold ether safely and automate payments to a pre-approved white list of recipients. While this contract is still being tested ether will generally come straight from a trusted Multisig as a safety precaution, but once fully tested and optimized this contract will be a safe place to store funds equipped with optional variable time delays to allow for an optional escape hatch to be utilized if necessary. _escapeCaller: The account/contract (ideally one account given to multiple trusted individuals) given the power to call the escape hatch and empty the Vault to a trusted destination in the case of an emergency; the owner can do everything the escapeCaller can do and can reassign the escapeCaller if necessary. The escape hatch is optional and can be removed by setting the _escapeCaller to 0x0.