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KataSuperHeroesAndroid - Super Heroes Kata for Android Developers

  •    Java

The application architecture, dependencies and configuration is ready to just start writing tests. In this project you'll find Dagger2 configured to be able to replace production code with test doubles easily and Espresso to be able to interact with the application user interface. Your task as Android Developer is to write all the UI tests needed to check if the Application UI is working as it should.

CatchUp - An app for catching up on things.

  •    Kotlin

An app for catching up on things. There's a lot of services I like reading up on throughout the day. Most of these services have dedicated apps for consuming them, but often times I just want to skim the front page and only deep dive occasionally. Enter CatchUp: a high level presentation of the "front page" of several services in short form, and intelligent deeplinking into dedicated apps if you want to go further.

android-mvp-architecture - This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVP architecture using Dagger2, GreenDao, RxJava2, FastAndroidNetworking and PlaceholderView

  •    Java

This is a boilerplate project aimed to help bootstrap new Android MVP Applications. Feel free to fork this application or use AndroidStarters to create new app using this boilerplate. All pull requests are welcome, make sure to follow the contribution guidelines when you submit pull request.

YoutubeUX - With MVVM Architecture pattern using Android Architecture Components This is a sample app demonstrating Youtube player animation using constraint layout

  •    Kotlin

This video demonstarte the app animation. The app uses ViewModel to abstract the data from UI and MovieRepository as single source of truth for data. MovieRepository first fetch the data from database if exist than display data to the user and at the same time it also fetches data from the webservice and update the result in database and reflect the changes to UI from database.

countries - An example Android app using Retrofit, Realm, Parceler, Dagger and the MVVM pattern with the data binding lib

  •    Kotlin

A sample Android app written in Kotlin, which lists all countries with some additional information (currencies, languages, …). The app uses the MVVM pattern with the Android data binding lib. Countries can be bookmarked and are then stored locally with Realm. Retrofit is used to fetch the country information from the free REST Countries service. For JSON parsing, custom Gson TypeAdapters are used. PaperParcel is used to make the Country objects Parcelable. Also, Dagger 2 is used for dependency injection. This project can also be used as a template for new apps. Check out the template branch for a cleaned up version of this project.

Theatre - Pet project using Clean Architecture + MVVM + Reactive Extensions + Android Architecture Components

  •    Kotlin

Pet project using Clean Architecture + MVVM + Reactive Extensions + Android Architecture Components. The data is fetched from LondonTheatreDirect API. The overriding rule of this architecture says that the source code dependencies always point inwards. The outer tiers can only dependent of inner tiers. Therefore, the inner tiers know nothing about the outer tiers. The more further you go through the concentric circles, the higher level the software becomes. Which means that the level of abstraction increases.

android-mvp-interactor-architecture - Extension of the android-mvp-architecture for very large projects

  •    Java

This repository is an extension of the android-mvp-architecture. It breaks the DataManager into Interactors and DbHelper into Repositories. These changes makes it fit for very large projects, for smaller projects the above mentioned repository is better. This is a boilerplate project aimed to help bootstrap new Android MVP Applications. Feel free to fork this application or use AndroidStarters to create new app using this boilerplate.

dagger2-android-template - Template and example project for Dagger 2 usage on Android

  •    Java

Template and example project for Dagger 2 usage on Android. Note: Since Dagger 2.10 Android integration has been greatly improved! See their documentation and use AndroidInjection which is now the recommended approach.

android-base-project - Android LateralView Base Project

  •    Java

Base project built using Dagger2 for Dependency Injection and MVC architecture with Repository Pattern. It has several managers classes that encapsulate features that are usually used in a common project, most using inversion control to decouple the implementation. This project has the most common setttings applied. The main idea is to start any new project cloning this one.

bigbang - Android base project used by Xmartlabs team

  •    Java

This is Xmartlabs Android base project. Architecturally composed of a set of libraries for building modern and scalable applications from the ground up. The BigBang of our Android projects. In order to keep modules independent, we decoupled the behavior required for each layer into a single module, where everything comes together smoothly, which we call core. This not only allows you to choose which modules to use, but also gives you independence from any service or database oriented libraries we use.


  •    Python

The code is based on work by Michael Laskey, Jonathan Lee, Roy Fox, Anca Dragan, and Ken Goldberg. The purpose of this repository is to make available the simulation experiments used in the paper DART: Noise Injection for Robust Imitation Learning and to provide examples of how noise injection may be used to improve off-policy imitation learning by mitigating covariate shift.

kunny-kotlin-book - '차세대 안드로이드 개발자를 위한: 커니의 코틀린' 예제 프로젝트 저장소


차세대 안드로이드 개발자를 위한: 커니의 코틀린 도서의 2부에서 다루는 Simple Github 예제 애플리케이션 저장소입니다. 안드로이드 애플리케이션을 자바로 만들어야 하는 이상 어쩔 수 없이 감내해야 했던 많은 문제의 해결책이 이제 눈앞에 보입니다. 바로 코틀린을 활용하는 것입니다. 코틀린은 자바와 100% 호환이 가능하기 때문에 자바로 된 기존의 프로젝트에 필요한 부분만 코틀린을 적용해도 됩니다. 자바-코틀린 컨버터 기능을 이용하면 자바를 코틀린으로 변환하기도 쉽습니다.

generator-android-square-stack - Yeoman generator for Android app using Square open source libraries

  •    Java

This generator will create a skeleton Android app built atop a collection of awesome Android libraries by Square using a single Activity/multiple view style. The project also generates with a set of extremely useful test helper classes and static methods along with example tests showing how to use them.

FoodSearch - Showcase project of MVP+Dagger+RxJava+StorIO

  •    Java

It makes use of the most popular and hyped pattern in Android these days. Dagger + MVP + RxJava. StorIO for my DAO Implementation.


  •    Javascript

eth-dagger is library for dagger project written in node.js and browser. It uses dagger server to get realtime updates from Ethereum Network.

android-dagger-overrides - An example of configuring Dagger modules to provide test doubles, covers both Dagger 1 and Dagger 2

  •    Java

An example of configuring Dagger modules to provide test doubles. Check Providing test doubles with Dagger 1 and Dagger 2.

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