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ircd.js - A Node ircd (IRC daemon)

  •    Javascript

I’m implementing RFC 1459 / RFC 2812 for Node.js. The server will allow clients to connect, join channels, change topics; basic stuff.

remote_syslog2 - To install, see "Releases" tab

  •    Go

remote_syslog tails one or more log files and sends syslog messages to a remote central syslog server. It generates packets itself, ignoring the system syslog daemon, so its configuration doesn't affect system-wide logging. This code is tested with the hosted log management service Papertrail and should work for transmitting to any syslog server.

lalo - Lalo, Node.js based IRC server with WebSockets interface.

  •    Javascript

An experimental Node.js IRC server with a WebSocket based interface. A mashup between IRCd.js and SocketStream.

daemons.el - An Emacs UI for managing init system services

  •    Emacs

This is an Emacs mode to give you a UI for managing init system daemons (services). I wrote this after getting tired of typing out sudo service my_thing reload all the time. It’s also nice to have a consistent UI over different init systems. N.B. This package was briefly known as services-mode.