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cash - Cross-platform Linux commands in ES6

  •    Javascript

Cash is a cross-platform implementation of Unix shell commands written in straight ES6. No native compiling and no external dependencies.While young, Cash aims to offer an alternative Linux feel on Windows and to open the door to cross-platform bash scripting in a Javascript environment.

tmux-yank - Tmux plugin for copying to system clipboard. Works on OSX, Linux and Cygwin.

  •    Shell

Copy to the system clipboard in tmux. The easiest way to install tmux-yank is via the Tmux Plugin Manager.

learnyoubash - Learn you how to write your first bash script

  •    Javascript

Learn you how to use the terminal and write your the first Bash script. This workshopper is based on bash-handbook, so if you want to more examples, check it out.


  •    DotNet

Just Another Rsync Front-end for Windows. Consists in a GUI front-end for the Rsync client functionality and a Windows service for the Rsync daemon. It is bundled with a minimum Cygwin-port of Rsync (rsync.exe, UTF8-patched cygwin1.dll and cygiconv-2.dll). The primary goal i...

clipboard - Ruby access to the clipboard on Windows, Linux, macOS, Java and Cygwin 📋︎

  •    Ruby

Lets you access the clipboard on Linux, MacOS, Windows and Cygwin. On Linux, you can choose from which clipboard you want to paste from by passing it as an argument. The default is CLIPBOARD.

dotfiles - Cross platform home directory settings

  •    Shell

You can clone the repository wherever you want, the home directory is recommended. The bootstrapper script will create symlinks in the home directory to the proper files.

is-windows - Returns true if the platform is Windows.

  •    Javascript

Returns true if the platform is windows. UMD module, works with node.js, commonjs, browser, AMD, electron, etc. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

cyg-subl - Launch Sublime Text from Cygwin

  •    Shell

cyg-subl translates Cygwin paths to native Windows paths, so you can launch Sublime Text as if it was any other Cygwin editor. As long as Sublime Text is installed, there is no need for configuration. The location of the sublime_text binary is determined from the registry.

babun-docker - Use Docker Toolbox with Babun (Cygwin) in Windows

  •    Shell

Program / fix to allow using Docker Toolbox from Babun or Cygwin in Windows. If you are using Cygwin, you should be using Babun. It's an improved Cygwin. Nevertheless, the latest versions of babun-docker work in Cygwin too.

apt-cyg - Copy of apt-cyg [http://code.google.com/p/apt-cyg/] SVN repository

  •    Shell

Copy of apt-cyg [http://code.google.com/p/apt-cyg/] SVN repository

FreeRADIUS-Server-Configuration-Tool - 🎯 FreeRADIUS Server Configuration Tool 🖥️

  •    Python

Developed for the Linux operating system and written in the python programming language. The purpose of the program is to configure the FreeRADIUS server easily and quickly. RADIUS (the acronym for Remote Authentication Dial In User Service') it is a protocol devised to perform the AAA (authentication, authorization, accounting) i.e. performing the management of identification verification, providing the permissions and users' data accounting, for those users who provide remote access to other networks. The protocol was developed in 1991 by the manufacturer Livingstone to verify identification and to follow up accounting and was later implemented as a standard by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). With its perfect support and wide usage it is being used by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and establishments to manage access to Internet, Intranet, wireless network and integrated e-mail services.

agkozak-zsh-prompt - An asynchronous ZSH prompt with color ASCII indicators of Git, exit, SSH, and vi mode status

  •    Shell

This prompt has been tested on numerous Linux and BSD distributions, as well as on Solaris 11.3. It also has full asynchronous functionality in Windows environments such as MSYS2, Cygwin, and WSL. to your .zshrc, somewhere before the line that says antigen apply.

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