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jQuery RS Carousel is a responsive and touch-enabled carousel written on top of jQuery and the jQuery UI Widget Factory providing a full and familiar API in less than 2.6kB minified and gzipped

nocycle.js - Detect cycle `require` in node.js.

nocycle is a tiny node module to detect cycle require. If a file a.js requires b.js while b.js also requires a.js directly or indirectly, nocycle will find the cycle.Install this module through npm.

cycle - Fork of crocs cycle package that lives in npm

Fork of https://github.com/douglascrockford/JSON-js, maintained in npm as cycle.The files in this collection implement JSON encoders/decoders in JavaScript.

cycle-router5 - A router driver for Cycle.js, wrapping the router5 library

A source/sink router driver for Cycle.js, based on router5. See the router5 documentation to learn how router5 works. See the Cycle.js documentation to learn how Cycle and its driver system works.

cycled - Cycle through the items of an array

This package can be useful for cycling through tabs, images of a slideshows, etc. Initiates an array subclass with the methods documented below. Since it's an array, you can use all the normal array methods on it.

cyclejs-animated-localstorage - A Cycle.js driver for animating (srsly) localStorage.

A Cycle.js driver for animating (srsly) localStorage. The makeAnimatedLocalStorageDriver function takes one parameter - the options object.

cycle-fire - A Firebase driver for Cycle.js

A Firebase driver for Cycle.js. Write effects to the connected Firebase database are requested by calling an action generator—a function defined on the firebaseActions object—and passed to the firebase sink.

draw-cycle - Simple Cycle.js application visualized: streams, events, DOM

License: MIT - do anything with the code, but don't blame me if it does not work. Spread the word: tweet, star on github, etc.

node-rx-cycle - Example using RxJS and Cycle

License: MIT - do anything with the code, but don't blame me if it does not work. Spread the word: tweet, star on github, etc.

cycle-animation-driver - A Cycle driver for requestAnimationFrame

cycle-animation-driver uses requestAnimationFrame to provide an Observable stream of timestamps, as fast and smooth as the browser will allow. You can access both the current time with timestamp, and also the delta (difference since last update). Check out the live example at widdersh.in/cycle-animation-driver.