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awesome-ml-for-cybersecurity - :octocat: Machine Learning for Cyber Security


A curated list of amazingly awesome tools and resources related to the use of machine learning for cyber security. Please read CONTRIBUTING if you wish to add tools or resources.

Free-Security-eBooks - Free Security and Hacking eBooks


A curated list of free Security and Pentesting related E-Books available on the Internet. If you want to contribute to this list (please do), send a pull request. All contributors will be recognized and appreciated.

HiddenWall - Tool to generate a Linux kernel module for custom rules with Netfilter hooking. (block ports, Hidden mode, rootkit functions etc)

  •    C

HiddenWall is a Linux kernel module generator for custom rules with netfilter. (block ports, Hidden mode, rootkit functions etc). The motivation: on bad situation, attacker can put your iptables/ufw to fall... but if you have HiddenWall, the attacker will not find the hidden kernel module that block external access, because have a hook to netfilter on kernel land(think like a second layer for firewall).

misp-osint-collection - Collection of best practices to add OSINT into MISP and/or MISP communities


The document is available in XMind format and the source is available. Fork the project, download the XMind format document, edit the document with XMind, commit and do a pull-request.

The-Big-List-of-Hacked-Malware-Web-Sites - This repository contains a list of all web sites I come across that are either hacked with or purposefully hosting malware, ransomware, viruses or trojans

  •    Shell

This repository contains a list of all web sites I come across that are hacked with malware, ransomware or trojans. Most site owners are unaware their sites have been hacked and are being used to plant malware. Some of the sites on the list are purposefully planting malware on their sites and luring people to click links in emails or social links. Some sites are merely wordpress sites that have been hacked and could contain malware.

cyberops - Cisco Press CCNA Cyber Ops Books and Video Courses supplemental information and additional study materials


Cisco Press CCNA CyberOps Books and Video Courses supplemental information and additional study materials. Whether you are preparing for the CCNA Cyber Ops certification or just changing careers to cyber security, this book will help you gain the knowledge you need to get started and prepared. When writing this book, we did so with you in mind, and together we will discover the critical ingredients that make up the recipe for a secure network and how to succeed in cyber security operations. By focusing on covering the objectives for the CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND exam and integrating that with real-world best practices and examples, we created this content with the intention of being your personal tour guides as we take you on a journey through the world of network security.

misp-dashboard - A dashboard for a real-time overview of threat intelligence from MISP instances

  •    Python

A dashboard showing live data and statistics from the ZMQ feeds of one or more MISP instances. The dashboard can be used as a real-time situational awareness tool to gather threat intelligence information. The misp-dashboard includes a gamification tool to show the contributions of each organisations and how they are ranked over time. The dashboard can be used for SOC (Security Operation Center), security team or during cyber exercise to keep track of what's going on your various MISP instances. ⚠️ Make sure no zmq python3 scripts are running. They block the update.

nexploit-cli - NexPloit CLI

  •    TypeScript

NexPloit CLI is a Command Line Interface (CLI) tool for NeuraLegion's solutions. You can use NexPloit CLI for full control over scans such as: initialize, stop, poll, maintain and more. In addition, NexPloit CLI can serve as a Repeater to scan local targets, without exposing them to the internet. This command will initialize a new scan engine in the cloud, which will start scanning the target via the local Repeater.

scot - Sandia Cyber Omni Tracker (SCOT)

  •    Javascript

Read our documentation at Read The Docs. IMPORTANT: Read Issue #55 before upgrading from 3.5.5.

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