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TranslucentTB - A lightweight utility that makes the Windows taskbar translucent/transparent.

  •    C++

A lightweight (uses a few MB of RAM and almost no CPU) utility that makes the Windows taskbar translucent/transparent on Windows 10. You can see it in action here (short) and here (longer).

Context-Menu.iOS - You can easily add awesome animated context menu to your app.

  •    Objective-C

Copy all files from YALContextMenu folder to your xcode project. You are welcome to see the sample of the project for fully operating sample in the Example folder.


  •    Objective-C

This project aims to provide a simple and customizable pull to refresh implementation.

dotfiles - custom linux config files - managed via gnu stow

  •    Shell

in the unix world programs are commonly configured in two different ways, via shell arguments or text based configuration files. programs with many options like window managers or text editors are configured on a per-user basis with files in your home directory ~. in unix like operating systems any file or directory name that starts with a period or full stop character is considered hidden, and in a default view will not be displayed. thus the name dotfiles. "you are your dotfiles".

spicetify-cli - Commandline tool to customize Spotify client. Supports Windows, MacOS and Linux.

  •    Javascript

Command-line tool to customize the official Spotify client. Supports Windows, MacOS and Linux.

react-css-themr - Easy theming and composition for CSS Modules.

  •    Javascript

Easy theming and composition for CSS Modules. Note: Feedback and contributions on the docs are highly appreciated.

VisualActivityViewController - A way to represent what you’re sharing.

  •    Swift

To install, simply add the VisualActivityViewController.swift file to your project. There are quite a few different options to customize the appearance of the preview. Check out the example project to see how some of these options work.

shox - 🍫 A customisable, universally compatible terminal status bar

  •    Go

A customisable terminal status bar with universal shell/terminal compatibility. Currently works on Mac/Linux. If you don't like to pipe to sudo - as well you shouldn't - you can remove the sudo above, but you'll have to add the shox dir to your PATH env var manually, as instructed by the installer.

Emacs-Elisp-Programming - Tutorial about programming Elisp and Emacs text editor customization.

  •    CSS

Emacs doesn’t need any presentation. Emacs is a software “Lisp Machine” that provides a programmable text editor, email reader, text web browser, image viwer, calculator, shell, games, easter-eggs and more. Emacs is programmed in Elisp, an Emacs own lisp dialect that is based on MacLisp, one of oldest lisp dialects, older than Common Lisp and Scheme, created in MIT. Emacs was written in 1976 by the legendary Richard Stallman. Despite many incompatibilities with Common Lisp it has many constructs similar to it and n excellent book about Common Lisp that is also useful to understand Elisp and Scheme is On Lisp - by Paul Graham. The user configuration file, which is executed when Emacs starts, is stored in the directory ~/.emacs.d/init.el or ~/.emacs. The first one is better because it is in the same directory of all emacs configuration files.

oruga - 🐛 Oruga is a lightweight library of UI components without CSS framework dependency

  •    Vue

Oruga doesn't depend on any specific style or CSS framework (like Bootstrap, Bulma, TailwindCSS etc...) and it doesn't provide any grid system or CSS utility, it just offer a set of components easy to customize. Oruga wants you to focus only on UI/UX aspects of your application and be totally flexible to future changes without having to touch a line of JavaScript. Browse online documentation here.

LogonUI Background Changer


This program is a small tool which can help you to change the LogonUI background image in Windows 7. Language: VB.NET IDE+Platform: Visual Studio 2008 + .NET Framework 3.0

View Layout Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


View Layout Replicator make it easier for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 customizers to copying the layout of a view and paste it to the layout of other views in the same entity

CRM 4 Incremental Numbering

  •    Javascript

This is a CRM 4 plugin that allow you to incrementally number any entity in CRM.


  •    CSharp

X-Forms is a Graphical User Interface Framework to aid in the creation of User Interfaces within Games created using the Microsoft XNA Framework. X-Forms is built to reflect how .NET Windows Forms work. It provides support for full screen Forms and Controls. The project aim...

Vampire Knight Transformation Pack


This program is a GUI transformation pack which can bring "Vampire Knight" style to your computer GUI. Language: VB.NET IDE+Platform: Visual Studio 2005 + .NET Framework 2.0

whitelist - A simple tool to add commonly white listed domains to your Pi-Hole setup.

  •    Shell

Want to report a new domain? Want to report exsisting one? Feel free to file an issue. The repository has 3 different files containing different domains.

blur-my-shell - Extension that adds a blur look to different parts of the GNOME Shell, including the top panel, dash and overview

  •    Javascript

A GNOME Shell extension that adds a blur look to different parts of the GNOME Shell, including the top panel, dash and overview. This extension can be buggy, as the gnome-shell's blur implementation is quite flawed in some ways.

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