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go-restful - package for building REST-style Web Services using Google Go

Type git shortlog -s for a full list of contributors.© 2012 - 2017, http://ernestmicklei.com. MIT License. Contributions are welcome.

JFMinimalNotifications - An iOS UIView for presenting a minimalistic notification that doesn't block the UI and is highly configurable

This is an iOS UIView for presenting a beautiful notification that is highly configurable and works for both iPhone and iPad. JFMinimalNotification is only available in ARC and targets iOS 7.0+. Please see the example project include in this repo for an example of how to use this notification.

Keyboard - Virtual Keyboard using jQuery ~

A jQuery on-screen keyboard (OSK) plugin that works in the browser. Originally posted by Jeremy Satterfield in his blog, jQuery plugins and on Snipplr. Currently maintained by Mottie. You can use it with TypeScript. Install TypeScript and @types/virtual-keyboard into dev dependencies for that.

AnythingSlider - A jQuery Slider plugin for anything.

Just what the world needs, another jQuery slider. YAWN. I know, check this one out though, it's got lots of cool features. Here on CSS-Tricks, I've created a number of different sliders. Three, in fact. A "featured content" slider, a "start/stop slider", and "moving boxes". Each of them had some cool interesting feature that I needed to build at the time. All were well-received, but as is the case with these things, people want them to do X, Y, and Z in addition to what they already did. This new AnythingSlider is an attempt at bringing together the functionality of all of those previous sliders and adding new features. In other words, to create a really "full featured" slider that could be widely useful. This is the first time (on CSS-Tricks) that one of these sliders is an actual plugin as well, which should make implementing it and customizing it much easier.

featherlight - Featherlight is a very lightweight jQuery lightbox plugin

Featherlight is a very lightweight jQuery lightbox plugin. It's simple yet flexible and easy to use. Featherlight has minimal css and uses no inline styles, everything is name-spaced, it's completely customizable via configuration object and offers image, ajax and iframe support out of the box. Featherlights small footprint weights less than 4kB – in total.

MLManager - A modern, easy and customizable app manager for Android with Material Design

A modern, easy and customizable app manager for Android with root features and Material Design. All developers are welcome to use the source code to create derivate applications. There are several things I require from all developers for the moment.

Fix soft HyperAero Form

Fix soft Aero Form (HyperAero Edition) works on both xp and Win7 and supports Customizable Animation Effects (On showing and closing form),Gradient Support (Multicolor Gradient Background,Gradient Editor Control),Power Functions (Shutdown,etc with Timer support) ,Aero Glass ...

OBiCMS Framework

OBiCMS Framework is a widget based CMS framework developed in C# which enables the user to be able to create their own widgets which are cached and refreshed at a creators defined rate, this results in extremely fast page generation times.

url-pattern - easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings

easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings. turn strings into data or data into strings.a pattern is immutable after construction. none of its methods changes its state. that makes it easier to reason about.

Simple-Notes - A simple textfield for adding quick notes without ads.

A simple textfield for adding quick notes.Need to take a quick note of something to buy, an address, or a startup idea? Then this is the app you've been looking for! No complicated setup steps needed, just type in what you came for. Comes with autosave, so you will not discard your changes by mistake. Supports creating multiple independent notes.

Kwicks - :no_entry: Kwicks for jQuery - fork of jQuery Kwicks by Jeremy Martin

Fixed a problem that was happening in jQuery v1.7+ (bug report) where the kwicks would not collapse. Fix for issue #1. showDuration - Slideshow duration in milliseconds (default is 2000 ms).

generator-react-up - Yeoman Generator to speed up your React Development.

This is a simple Yeoman Generator to help speed up the stubbing of a React <Component />. Each component is treated as an individual Module / Package with all files being co-located including optional tests. Since Yeoman is kind enough to create a generator-generator... I've made this generator even more customizable for you.


A simple yet powerful PHP tool to catch Git webhooks from GitLab, GitHub & Bitbucket and deploy your projects to your server after pushing. © 2017 Noël Bossart. Made in Switzerland.

media-player - A tiny, totally cross browser, accessible, fully customizable media player

Media Player is a tiny, responsive, international, accessible, cross browser, easily customizable media player written in plain vanilla JavaScript. Media Player can be controlled with any pointer or keyboard, whether it’s to play, pause, move across the timeline, mute, unmute, adjust the volume, enter or leave fullscreen, or download the source.

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