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BezierInfo-2 - A from-the-ground-up rewrite of https://pomax

  •    PHP

Both operations run continuous linting. Also note that there are specific requirements for development, see the section on dev requirements below. All fonts come with TeXLive and MiKTeX, and should be easy to install. Note that you will need the modern OpenType (otf/ttf) fonts, not the obsolete type1 fonts.

bezierjs - A nodejs and client-side library for (cubic) Bezier curve work

  •    Javascript

A node.js and client-side library for (quadratic and cubic) Bezier curve work. For a Demo and the API, hit up either pomax.github.io/bezierjs or read the souce (./lib for the library code, start at index.js).

Lemniscate - An easy way to make your progress view nice and sleek.

  •    Kotlin

Lemniscate is a library that will help you to make your progress view nice and sleek. Demo application is available on Google Play.

glsl-lut - lookup table color transforms for glslify

  •    Javascript

Use a texture as a lookup table to apply color transforms in a shader. Original implementation from GPUImage, see here. For more details on the concept, see here.This is geared towards OpenGL ES, so no 3D textures are used, and the lookup table is 512x512 (using every 4th color).

path-illustrator - a simple client for illustrating vector paths

  •    Javascript

Work in progress. A client interface for drawing lines, curves and shapes with familiar Photoshop tools and keybaord shortcuts.The end goals for the project described here.

gospline - Implementing b-spline curves in Go

  •    Go

Gospline is little Go library to transform straight lines into curves. I'ts based on https://github.com/Tagussan/BSpline javascript library. The library is written in such a way, that it can be plugged into different rendering methods. The provided examples outputs the resulted curves into image and svg, but because Go modularity it permits to use other type of outputs, until they implements the io.Writer interface.

Bezier-Curves-In-Unity - Bezier curve code.

  •    CSharp

I recently need some code for Bezier curves and while there was a lot a stuff spread around the internet about curves it was difficult to find a single implementation that included all the commonly needed algorithms. I ended up writing a implementation based on a few sources (mostly this one) and thought I would shared the results as there were a few things that are quite hard to work out. You can download a Unity package here.

schuller-geometric - Source code for lecture notes

  •    TeX

This is the LaTeX source code for my lecture notes to accompany Frederic Schuller's course on the ``Geometric anatomy of theoretical physics'', taught in the summer of 2013/14 at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg as part of the Elite Graduate Programme. These lecture notes are not endorsed by Dr. Schuller or the University.

Bezier3D - Unity3D: Simple core bezier functionality featuring interpolation and orientation.

  •    CSharp

Core bezier implementation for Unity3D. Contains basic bezier functionality with distance interpolation and orientation anchors.

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