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curvejs - Made curve a dancer in HTML5 canvas - 魔幻线条

  •    Javascript

Made curve a dancer in HTML5 canvas. In this motion directory, there are already some built-in motion. you can submit your motion and then create a pull request to the project.

Crescento - Add curve at bottom of image views and relative layouts.

  •    Java

Android library that adds a curve at the below of image views and relative layouts. CrescentoImageView and CrescentoContainer are the image view and relative layout respectively. You can change the radius of curve with attribute:curvature. Here is a very good example of how to use Crescento. Zsolt Szilvai has made a very good design and I've illustrated using crescento.

morpheus - A Brilliant Animator

  •    Javascript

A Brilliant Animator. Morpheus lets you "tween anything" in parallel on multiple elements; from colors to integers of any unit (px, em, %, etc), with easing transitions and bezier curves, including CSS3 transforms (roate, scale, skew, & translate) -- all in a single high-performant loop utilizing the CPU-friendly requestAnimationFrame standard.

elliptic - Fast Elliptic Curve Cryptography in plain javascript

  •    Javascript

Fast elliptic-curve cryptography in a plain javascript implementation.NOTE: Please take a look at http://safecurves.cr.yp.to/ before choosing a curve for your cryptography operations.

verb - Open-source, cross-platform NURBS

  •    Javascript

verb is a library for creating and manipulating NURBS surfaces and curves in many languages including JavaScript. verb provides advanced tools like derivative evaluation, adaptive tessellation, and intersection. Verb provides a concurrent execution runtime via WebWorkers in modern browsers and thread pools on other platforms and is suitable for use in a datacenter or in the browser.

L-System Turtle Based Fractal Tool (L-Fractal Tool)


A tool to help you play with L-System turtle graphic based fractal curves( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L-system) This tool helps you look into some of the well known curves & lets you define new patterns & production rules to build your own. Have a fun-fractal day !

Silverlight Circle Animation

  •    Silverlight

Circle Animation is a Silverlight control that allows you to animate objects over a curve. Using the built-in designer, all you have to do is drag your start and end points on the screen and set your angle, and your controls will be moving along curves!

Digital Media Processing Project 1: Image Processor


Homework for "Digital Media Processing". Features Include: Curve Adjustment Tool Region Growing Segmetation Threshold Segmentation Guassian/Butterworth High/Low pass filters Laplacian Sharpen Sobel Filter Guassian Noise FFT spectrum chart Histogram and histogram equalization Clip

coininfo - JavaScript component for crypto currency specific information.

  •    Javascript

JavaScript component for crypto currency specific information such as version numbers, DNS seeds, etc. Works in Node.js and the browser.Useful to use in conjunction with coinkey and coinstring.

coinkey - JavaScript component for private keys, public keys, and addresess for crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin

  •    Javascript

JavaScript component for private keys, public keys, and addresses for crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Works in both Node.js and the browser.Constructor function.

eckey - A JavaScript component for Eliptical curve cryptography for crypto currencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin

  •    Javascript

JavaScript component to handle private key and public keys associated with elliptic curve cryptography. Used with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Works in both Node.js and the browser.

ecurve - JavaScript component for Eliptic Curve Cryptography

  •    Javascript

JavaScript component for Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Works in both Node.js and the browser.

bezier - n-degree Bezier spline interpolation.

  •    Javascript

n-degree Bezier curve interpolation.Returns the value at t for a bezier curve of points.length degrees. In other words, if you pass it a 3-element array you'll get the results of a 3-degree (quadratic) curve.

hypotrochoid - Plot hypotrochoids for spirographs with JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Returns points across one or more hypotrochoids for varying values of t.Trivia: you can trace out curves like this using a spirograph, yielding similar results to Guilloché machines - which were used to create intricate patterns resistant to counterfeiting.

adaptive-bezier-curve - adaptive and scalable 2D bezier curves

  •    Javascript

Builds a bezier curve that is adaptive; that is to say, it has more points along curved corners, and less points along straight lines. This can be used to produce scalable curves that are consistently smooth, while using a small number of steps. Based on AntiGrain.Also see adaptive-quadratic-curve.

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