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blessed-vue - A VueJS runtime to let you write command line UI in Vue

  •    Javascript

Compile against VueJS 2.5.13. This package is a Vue.js runtime for blessed and now blessed-contrib. The current version is compiled against VueJS 2.5.13, which means those lovely features and bug fixes comes with v2.5.13 in vue core will be available in the current version. For example, the lovely improvements about the functional components.

swearjar-node - Profanity detection and filtering library.

  •    Javascript

Profanity detection and filtering library. Returns true if the given string contains profanity.

CurseMeta - A proper Curse(Forge) API

  •    Python

Now with 100% LESS C# voodoo. The old version is under the full_docker branch.

nid - Nice clean-mouthed unique id generation, without any swearing!

  •    Javascript

A Node.js module that generates random identifiers for public consumption. Swear words not included. This module is useful for custom short links, password generation and any sort of unique tag an end user might see.

NCURSES-Programming-HOWTO-examples - CMake examples for code in http://tldp

  •    C

Requires `CMake`_, `ncurses`_ library, C compiler (clang, gcc). You can find ncurses for linux, BSD and OS X with your package manager under names package names like ncurses-devel, libncurses-dev and ncurses.

postcss-caralho - PostCSS plugin for that changes curse words after ! to !important because why not ?

  •    Javascript

You can also choose from many more options in different languages and all of them will become !important after PostCSS does his/her thing. Idk, mainly boredom and the need to write !caralho or !fuck in every stylesheet I own.

babel-plugin-caralho - Babel plugin for writing curse words instead of important because reasons

  •    Javascript

The example is in styled-components but it also works with Glamor as seen here and Emotion as seen here because it just looks for strings. Instead of !fuck, you can also choose from many more options in different languages and all of them will become !important after Babel does his/her thing.