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  •    Javascript

An opinionated template for writing Cucumber tests with Protractor.CukeFarm provides a set of Cucumber Steps that can be used to build feature files that are backed by automation using the Protractor framework. It also provides a set of helper functions that can be used when writing your own Step Definitions. Check out the docs directory for a full list of the Steps and helper functions. The docs are automatically generated using docha.

cucumberjs-browser - Browser-based taskrunner for CucumberJS Specs.

  •    Javascript

Good libraries and examples, but I wanted to be able to write my feature specs, support and step definitions as I normally would that are run under the CucumberJS CLI for node, and have them simply execute in the browser without having to modify them to fit another runtime or environment. Additionally, I wanted to be able to define custom listeners that will provide feedback from your run specs dependent on my development needs and CI endpoint.

cucumberjs-examples - Examples in using CucumberJS

  •    Javascript

Runs basic cucumberjs cli tool. Build the app for to live in the wild.

karma-cucumberjs - A Cucumber.js Karma test runner adapter.

  •    PHP

Run your Cucumber.js suite using Karma runner. Once you install the karma-cucumberjs adapter getting it working with your project is a matter of editing your Karma config file.

veggies - :sparkles: :rocket: Veggies is an awesome cucumberjs library for API/CLI testing

  •    Javascript

Veggies is an awesome cucumberjs library for API/CLI testing. Great for testing APIs built upon Express, Koa, HAPI, Loopback and others. It's also the perfect companion for testing CLI applications built with commander, meow & Co. For full feature list, have a look at available gherkin expressions for the dedicated extension.

cucumber-watir - Test harness for automated functional testing of web applications

  •    Ruby

This is a test harness for automated functional testing of web applications, using the Cucumber and Watir Webdriver test frameworks. It can be used to support Behavioral Driven Design (BDD) or just automated functional testing of arbitrary web applications. By using this collection of frameworks, you can quickly start a suite of functional tests for an application using a basic vocabulary inspired by tests that have been used successfully on many production projects.

phantom-proxy - a lightweight proxy that lets you to drive phantomjs from node.

  •    Javascript

PhantomJs is an incredibly useful tool for functional and unit testing. PhantomJs runs in its own process, making it difficult to drive from node. Phantom-proxy solves this problem, allowing you to fully drive phantomjs from node. See the API documentation for more usage information.

labor-standards-tw - 台灣勞動基準法函式庫, Taiwan Labor Standards Act Library

  •    TypeScript

Taiwan Labor Standards Act Library for calculating penalty, overtime wages, annual paid leaves & checking shift work schedule is legal or not.

wdio-cucumber-framework - A WebdriverIO plugin. Adapter for Cucumber testing framework.

  •    Javascript

A WebdriverIO plugin. Adapter for CucumberJS v4 testing framework. To use v2 install this package with v1.1.1 and to use v1 with v0.3.1. The easiest way is to keep wdio-cucumber-framework as a devDependency in your package.json.