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ctf.tf - A database of collected CTFs and their solutions.

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A database of collected CTFs and their solutions. Fork and send pull requests.

google-ctf - Google CTF challenges

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This repository lists most of the challenges used in the Google CTF 2017. The missing challenges are not ready to be open-sourced, or contain third-party code. IMPORTANT - All code in this repository has security vulnerabilities. These are there on purpose, and running these on real production infrastructure is not safe.

CTF-challenges-by-me - Pwnable|Web Security|Cryptography CTF-style challenges

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Repo này với mục đích lưu trữ lại những challenges do mình đã tạo ra trong các kì CTF (SVATTT|0x3004|...) cũng như những lần ngẫu hứng. Mình đang tìm lại và sẽ update thêm các challenges khác.

cracknet - A

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A .net Crackme Challenge made for the SecTalks Brisbane 2017 CTF Event. Note that this is a debug build and not a release build, due to compiler instructions. Only the executable needs to be included for the challenge.

cryptochallenge18 - Kudelski Security's 2018 pre-Black Hat crypto challenge


All challenges can be queried on the API under https://cryptochall.ks.kgc.io (N.B. it refuses insecure connection). Any submitted characters not in [a-zA-Z0-9 ] will generate an error. To solve the first 2 challenges, you must write a program that creates valid signatures, in order to send the /win endpoint the message specified in the /flag one. That signed message must be successfully verified by the verification service. Obviously, your program should not just copy a signature received from the signing service, and we've thus blacklisted the winning messages.

RCTF - Scenarios of the Robotics CTF (RCTF), a playground to challenge robot security.


The Robotics Capture the Flag (Robotics CTF or RCTF) is an online playground to challenge robot security from your browser. It was designed to be online, available 24/7, launchable through your browser and designed to learn robot hacking step by step while competing with other security researchers. In an attempt to facilitate reproduction of results and further customization (common when researching vulnerabilities), this repository provides a list with open source reference scenarios that run in our Robotics CTF. This repository contains a list of the scenarios available in the Robotics CTF.