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postcss-cssnext - :cyclone: PostCSS plugin to use tomorrow's CSS syntax, today.

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin to use tomorrow’s CSS syntax, today. PostCSS-cssnext is a PostCSS plugin that helps you to use the latest CSS syntax today. It transforms CSS specs into more compatible CSS so you don’t need to wait for browser support.

mobi.css - A lightweight, scalable, mobile-first CSS framework

  •    CSS

The default bundle of Mobi.css provides the basic styles to build clean and elegant webpages. It's only 3kb after gzipped, and it's very easy to get started. Plugin system makes CSS scalable. You can import plugins to enhance Mobi.css, or use the plugin as a standalone CSS library. It's even possible to use a plugin without Mobi.css.

relayout - A minimal flex grid system for React

  •    CSS

Because no one should be writing a single line of flex or width anymore. You can import directly on your CSS if you are using postcss-import.

postcss-values-parser - A CSS property value parser for PostCSS

  •    Javascript

A CSS property value parser for use with PostCSS, following the same node, container, and traversal patterns as PostCSS. As with PostCSS and postcss-selector-parser, this parser generates an Abstract Syntax Tree, (aka "AST") which allows for ease of traversal and granular inspection of each part of a property's value.

react-redux-universal-boilerplate - An Universal ReactJS/Redux Boilerplate

  •    Javascript

I started this project to learn tools like React, Redux, Webpack, babeljs.io, ES6/ES2015... I did it mainly for fun. But it will be maintained and then I used it as Boilerplate for my React|Redux projects. So don't worry it works :p. It's not perfect but it works :). An Universal ReactJS/Redux Boilerplate.

react-router-animation-examples - An example using React Router and React's Animations

  •    Javascript

This project is just an example using React Router and React's Animations in a mobile context. So reduce your screen size. In this example I only use react-router but in my opinion we can't only use the router to navigate from one screen to the other. Because obviously the route will change and you'll lose the previous displayed screen. This is not always the wanted effect in a mobile application. Maybe we could combine the router with the pushing and popping techniques like React Native's Navigation or native mobile apps.

css-wipe - Reset the browser's styles

  •    CSS

Reset the browser's styles. The browser should be a blank canvas, having to remember quirks is unacceptable. Based on html5doctor/reset.

calvinkoepke-com - The repo for the current theme on my website. Enjoy!

  •    Javascript

This theme consistently changes, since it's my playground for experimenting with new technologies and strategies in the front-end development sphere. You can see each version of my site theme by checking out the releases tab for working versions of each theme iteration.

CSS3 - The most complete CSS support for Sublime Text 3

  •    CSS

The most complete CSS and PostCSS-cssnext support for Sublime Text. Make sure you don't have any open files set to the default CSS syntax (bottom-right) or you may get an error message.

staticweb-build - A simple workflow for static websites with live-reload local server, Babel transpiler for JavaScript and bundling CSS with PostCSS and CSSNext

  •    HTML

A simple workflow for static websites with live-reload local server, Babel transpiler for JavaScript and bundling CSS with PostCSS and postcss-preset-env. This project requires node version 7.5+. This is the only global dependency.