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atom-beautify - :lipstick: Universal beautification package for Atom editor (:warning: Currently migrating to https://github

  •    CoffeeScript

Atom-Beautify respects the core.telemetryConsent configuration option from Atom editor. If you do not wish to have usage data sent to Google Analytics then please set core.telemetryConsent to no or undecided option before using Atom-Beautify. See Anonymous Analytics section of docs for details. Thank you. Atom-Beautify is going to be completely rewritten with Unibeautify at its core! See unibeautify branch for work in progress and Issue #1174.

brackets-csscomb - CSSComb brackets extension

  •    CSS

Select css to sort and press Ctrl + Shift + C or select Edit > Sort with CSScomb in menu. Download zip and extract into arbitrary directory (or clone source files), then move the folder to the extensions folder (you can open this folder by clicking "Help > Show Extensions Folder" menu).

grunt-csscomb - Grunt plugin for CSScomb—CSS coding style formatter

  •    Javascript

The grunt plugin for sorting CSS properties in specific order. This plugin requires Grunt >=0.4.x.

vscode-csscomb - :electric_plug: VS Code plugin for CSScomb — CSS coding style formatter.

  •    TypeScript

VS Code plugin for CSScomb — CSS coding style formatter. If you want to thank me, or promote your Issue.

LessCompiler - A Visual Studio extension

  •    CSharp

Download this extension from the Marketplace or get the CI build. An alternative LESS compiler with no setup. Uses the official node.js based LESS compiler under the hood with AutoPrefixer and CSSComb built in.