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css-loader - Simple loaders for your web applications using only one div and pure CSS :heart:

  •    CSS

A few simple examples of loaders using only one div and CSS. It's usually common to show a loader to users when they must wait for something in a web application (an ajax request or a form submit, etc). Gif image loaders were great but by using CSS we can avoid the image request, also it's easier to customise and maintain and it's cooler.

babel-plugin-webpack-loaders - babel 6 plugin which allows to use webpack loaders

  •    Javascript

Since plugin was published, there were a lot of changes in testing software. Be sure in most(all) cases you DON'T need this plugin for testing. I highly recommend you to use jest for testing, and use moduleNameMapper (identity-obj-proxy, etc) to mock CSS-Modules and other webpack loaders. This Babel 6 plugin allows you to use webpack loaders in Babel. It's now easy to run universal apps on the server without additional build steps, to create libraries as usual with babel src --out-dir lib command, to run tests without mocking-prebuilding source code. It just replaces require - import statements with webpack loaders results. Take a look at this Babel build output diff to get the idea.

decss - 🎨 Converts CSS modules into components 👩‍🎨

  •    Javascript

decss converts CSS modules into React/Preact components. Thanks to simple CSS class naming convention it generates enum and boolean props for the component automatically so you can keep your code clean and tidy. The runtime size is exactly 673 B.

webpack-handle-css-loader - A less verbose way for adding CSS and CSS extraction support in webpack.

  •    Javascript

This is a short-hand module for adding css and extracting css support.We add postcss-loader to each rule, which means in handleLoader.css() you got something like ['style-loader', 'css-loader', 'postcss-loader'], see here for how to disable it or set options for it.

image-sprite-webpack-plugin - A webpack plugin that generates spritesheets from your stylesheets.

  •    Javascript

A webpack plugin that generates spritesheets from your stylesheets. Each example has the following command.