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Justified-Gallery - JQuery plugin that allows you to create a gallery with a justified grid

  •    HTML

This is a JQuery plugin which allows you to create responsive, infinite, and high quality justified gallery of images.A common problem, for people who create sites, is to create an elegant image gallery that manages the various sizes and aspect ratio of images. Flickr and Google+ manage this situation in an excellent way, the purpose of this plugin is to give you the power of these solutions, with a new fast algorithm.

micron - a [μ] microInteraction library built with CSS Animations and controlled by JavaScript Power

  •    CSS

Micron.JS is a micro interaction library which can be used to add Interactions to different DOM Elements. Micron.JS animates an element using CSS power and the interactive behaviours are controlled by JavaScript. Micron.JS is easy to adapt and can bring interactions to life using html5 data attributes or a chain of JavaScript methods.

epic-spinners - Easy to use css spinners collection with vue.js integration

  •    Vue

Easy to use css spinners collection with Vue.js integration. Developed by Epicmax. Subscribe to our newsletter to get Epic Spinners updates, our team's stories and Vue.js materials hand-picked by Epicmax.

animate.css - 🍿 A cross-browser library of CSS animations. As easy to use as an easy thing.

  •    CSS

animate.css is a bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects. Great for emphasis, home pages, sliders, and general just-add-water-awesomeness. Add the class animated to the element you want to animate. You may also want to include the class infinite for an infinite loop.

swup - CSS transitions between website pages.

  •    Javascript

Animated page transitions with css. Note: In case you like to do your animations in JavaScript, you may also check out swupjs.


  •    CSS

A tiny set of CSS3 animations designed for your radio inputs. Include dist/css/boing/boing.min.css instead, if you want to use only the Boing animation, for example.

Morphext - A simple, high-performance and cross-browser jQuery rotating / carousel plugin for text phrases powered by Animate

  •    HTML

A jQuery plugin for creating text-based carousels, rotating small or large pieces of text one after the other, just like a slider does with images... This can be a great tool for displaying catch phrases, mission statements, tag lines, and so on. If you would like to achieve a similar effect with more flexibility (e.g. out animation) and with HTML objects rather than text phrases (e.g. unordered list items), please check out Morphist.


  •    Javascript

A tiny set of CSS3 animations meant for your checkbox inputs. Include dist/css/yo.min.css instead, if you want to use only the Yo animation, for example.

All-About-Programming - Everything about programming!!

  •    Javascript

This is a place for me to keep tracked of what I did or what I want to do and some awesome tips from all the online resources have found. All this resources is about web development and some about computer science. My goal is to be a awesome Full-Stack Web Developer. If you have some resources to shared please do. I'm eager to find new stuff and learn.

native-css - Convert pure CSS to React Style or javascript literal objects.

  •    Javascript

Convert pure CSS to javascript literal objects or React Style. 'Cause of this, all ids and inheritance relationships are converted to classes.

react-mt-svg-lines - A React.js wrapper component to animate the line stroke in SVGs

  •    Javascript

The component wraps your SVG and animates the stroke-dashoffset property on every path element within. To accomplish this, it injects a style tag with a generated string of CSS. For a description of the technique, see this article. Require MtSvgLines into your component (you can import it under any name)...

Izmir - Izmir - An image hover mini CSS library

  •    SCSS

Izmir is a mini CSS library allowing you to quickly create beautiful image hover elements. Packed with a host of styling classes and custom properties, Izmir allows you total control and almost limitless possibilites. Simply load the CSS library in to your project, add the element markup combined with the style classes of your choice to custom build your perfect image hover effect.

welcome - A macOS app to onboard new Aerolabers

  •    Javascript

Welcome is a macOS desktop app to help onboard new hires at Aerolab.Built using Electron (Javascript + Node.JS), the app guides to through the process of setting up your Mac on your first day. It covers many tasks from your computer's name and creating a private key, all the way towards logging into our Slack channel.

EasyTransform - Enhancing CSS transform with a little bit of JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

Easy Transform allows animation-like capabilities on HTML elements through the power of CSS transitions. What does "animation-like" mean? Internally, EZT uses transition events to advance frames from one transform to another. Doing this, certain transitions can acquire an near-animation (keyframed) appearance.

css-animation-event - Cross browser library for handling CSS animation and transition DOM events with a fallback pattern for unsupported browsers

  •    Javascript

A very small (approx 800 bytes minified and gzipped) cross browser compatible library to handle CSS3 animation and transition DOM events with a fall back pattern for unsupported browsers. Library supports Internet Explorer IE9 and above, a final version with IE8 support is tagged here.

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