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Modal Dialog Box implemented as pure HTML5/CSS3 solution

Modal dialog box (a.k.a. modal pop-up or "dark-box") implemented exclusively via HTML5/CSS3 features without any Javasript. Could run in any modern browser even with client scripting disabled.

SAY IT WITH CSS! Slide Show implemented as pure CSS3 / HTML 5 solution

The solution demonstrates CSS3 coding technique, which allows to implement online slide show with "darkbox" (or "lightbox") effects using pure CSS3 and HTML5; it does not require any Javascript/jQuery coding.

Web Sticky Notes

Web Sticky Notes is a collaborative sticky-notes board with drag-and-drop between swim lanes. You can set up many projects, each with their own task-streams and tasks. People and priorities that you set up are shared among all projects.


PL: Zaawansowany system zarz?dzania tre?ci? Clomibep. EN: Advenced content managment system Clomibep.


With Facture manager you can easily create products, users, business partners and add them into Factures. This application can help to any business.