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csg.js - Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) Library

  •    Javascript

Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) is a modelling technique that uses Boolean operations like union and intersection to combine 3D solids. This library implements CSG operations on meshes elegantly and concisely using BSP trees, and is meant to serve as an easily understandable implementation of the algorithm.The API documentation can be found here.

JCSG - Java implementation of BSP based CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry)

  •    Java

Java implementation of BSP based CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry). It is the only simple and free Java implementation I am aware of. This implementation uses an optimized CSG algorithm based on csg.js (see CSG and Node classes). Thanks to the author for creating the csg.js library. JCSG on stackoverflow.

ofxCorkCsg - A constructive solid geometry (mesh boolean) addon for openFrameworks.

  •    C

Constructive solid geometry (mesh boolean) addon for openFrameworks v0.10+ based on this fork of the Cork library. To use the library, generate a mesh and then execute one of the operations.

polyclip-go - Go library for Boolean operations on 2D polygons.

  •    Go

Library polyclip-go is a pure Go, MIT-licensed implementation of an [algorithm for Boolean operations on 2D polygons] fmartin (invented by F. Martínez, A.J. Rueda, F.R. Feito) -- that is, for calculation of polygon intersection, union, difference and xor. The original paper describes the algorithm as performing in time O((n+k) log n), where n is number of all edges of all polygons in operation, and k is number of intersections of all polygon edges.

overlay-pslg - Boolean operations for planar straight line graphs

  •    Javascript

Compute a regularized Boolean operation between the interiors of two planar straight line graphs. It works in any reasonable CommonJS environment like node.js. If you want to use it in a browser, you should use browserify.

poly-bool - Exact polygon boolean operations

  •    Javascript

A robust polygon Boolean library in under 20 lines of code! (Excluding dependencies) Work with any kind of polygon, results are accurate to machine precision, and under no circumstances will valid input ever crash or produce incorrect output.

vtkbool - A standalone boolean filter for VTK.

  •    C++

This is an extension of the graphics library VTK. The goal of the extension is to equip the library with boolean operations on polygonal meshes. I started the project at the end of my studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) in Leipzig. I used VTK to develop a program, which I had to create for a paper. At this time I would have wished, that this feature already exists. There was several implementations from third parties, but after some tests, I came to the conclusion, that none of them worked correct. The once who worked was bound to other big libraries like CGAL. I decided to start with my own implementation. This library is the result of my efforts. Nothing for now.

csg2d.js - A 2D port of CSG 3D library

  •    Javascript

A 2D port of CSG 3D library

curv - a language for making art using mathematics

  •    C++

Curv is a programming language for creating art using mathematics. It's a 2D and 3D geometric modelling tool that supports full colour, animation and 3D printing. Two platforms are currently supported: Linux and macOS. I currently test on Ubuntu LTS and macos 10.11. Windows support is planned but not scheduled.

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