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  •    Javascript

Classic algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript, you know... FOR SCIENCE.

javascript-algorithms - 🤖 Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings

  •    Javascript

This repository contains JavaScript based examples of many popular algorithms and data structures. Each algorithm and data structure has its own separate README with related explanations and links for further reading (including ones to YouTube videos).


  •    CSharp

SharpTar is simple and lightweight library to handle operations on tar files. Works with Mono and .NET from version 2.0 up to 4.5.

cordova-plugin-hbbtv - This Cordova HbbTV plugin implements the HbbTV 2

  •    Java

This Cordova HbbTV plugin implements the HbbTV 2.0 CS APIs for discovering HbbTV Terminals, launching HbbTV Applications on discovered Terminals and open App2App communication channels between the Cordova App (Companion App) and the launched HbbTV App using WebSockets

node-hbbtv - The Node

  •    Javascript

Please refer to the HbbTV 2.0 spec document for more details especially to the Companion Screen related sections 8.2.6 and 14. The module is developed by the Fraunhofer FOKUS´s Competence Center Future Applications and Media - FAME. Please contact us famecontact@fokus.fraunhofer.de for more details or if you need help to integrate this module in your product.

phpdoc-to-typehint - Add scalar type hints and return types to existing PHP projects using PHPDoc annotations

  •    PHP

phpdoc-to-typehint adds automatically scalar type hints and return types to all functions and methods of a PHP project using existing PHPDoc annotations. Warning: this project is an early stage of development. It can damage your code. Be sure to make a backup before running this command and to run your test suite after.

algorithms - Basic algorithms and data structures curriculum for beginners

  •    Javascript

What are algorithms? They a set of instructions performed on some data. They act as different ways of storing and manipulating data provides us easier, faster, or previously-thought impossible ways to solve real world problems. The subject may seem intimidating at first, but it is all built on top of small key pieces over one another. This curriculum is designed to help you get started on those fundamental pieces. While many resources exist online, many are filled with jargons and require extensive previous knowledge. This curriculum is geared towards beginners, and it provides the walkthroughs, test cases, and online help on Slack.

node-globaloffensive - A Node

  •    Javascript

This module provides a very flexible interface for interacting with the CS:GO Game Coordinator. It's designed to work with a node-steam SteamUser or node-steam-user SteamUser instance. This is based off of node-tf2.

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