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Gekko-Strategies - Strategies to Gekko trading bot with backtests results and some useful tools.

  •    Javascript

Gekko Trading Bot. Repository of strategies which I found at Git and Google, orginal source is in README or .js file. Strategies was backtested, results are in backtest_database.csv file. I used ForksScraper and Gekko BacktestTool to create content of this repository.

crypto-whale-watching-app - Python Dash app that tracks whale activity in cryptocurrency markets.

  •    Python

Welcome! This is a Python-based Dash app meant to track whale activity in buy / sell walls on crypto-currency exchanges (presently just operational for GDAX, but more exchanges to come). This document aims to explain the purpose, functionality, and future of this project. Please do share this with your fellow coders / traders / crypto-aficionados, donate via the donation addresses included in the "Support Needed" section below, and contribute to the future of this project by calling out issues, requesting new features, and submitting pull requests to improve the app. If you want to use a hosted version of the app, check out this link here which has been graciously hosted by a member of the Ethereum community while we raise money via donations to migrate to AWS. If for any reason the page does not load properly, feel free to let us know via an issue, but more than likely it is because we are updating to the newest version of the codebase or performing maintenance.

golang-crypto-trading-bot - A golang implementation of a console-based trading bot for cryptocurrency exchanges

  •    Go

A golang implementation of a console-based trading bot for cryptocurrency exchanges. Download a release or directly build the code from this repository.

arke - Arke is a Crypto-Currency Arbitrage platform

  •    Ruby

Arke is an Open-Source Crypto-Currency Arbitrage Platform part of the Rubykube Crypto-Platform.

barong - Barong OAuth server

  •    Ruby

Barong is oAuth server for peatio.tech stack. Barong is released under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.

peatio-trading-ui - Peatio trading UI extracted as separate Rails 5 application.

  •    CoffeeScript

Please, read Peatio 1.5 release notes for getting all details about how Trading UI works. You can use #449 as search term in the release notes to find required paragraph.

workbench - Test and Integration environment for rubykube/peatio

  •    Ruby

Workbench is an easy way to start Peatio development environment. This will create new seeds and start bitcoind docker container.

airbex - The Airbex cryptocurrency exchange

  •    Javascript

Airbex is a white label crypto currency exchange with proof of reserve.

crypto-algotrading - Algorithmic trading framework for cryptocurrencies.

  •    Python

Crypto AlgoTrading Framework is a repository with tools to build and run working trading bots, backtest strategies, assist on trading, define simple stop losses and trailing stop losses, etc. This framework work with data directly from Crypto exchanges API, from a DB or csv files. Can be used for data-driven and event-driven systems. Made exclusively for crypto markets for now and written in Python. In realtime, Trading Bot operates in real time, with live data from exchanges APIs. It doesn't need pre stored data or DB to work. In this mode, bot can trade real money, simulate or alert user when is time to buy or sell, based on entry and exit strategies defined by user. Can also simulate user's strategies and present the results in real time.

exchange-api - Golang API wrappers with CLI for cryptocurrency exchanges

  •    Go

Exchange-API implements an interface to various cryptocurrency exchanges APIs in Go. Originally this library tried to unify the interfaces between multiple exchanges. This goal has been abandoned until at least all of the API wrappers are refined. There is a limited amount of common ground across APIs and data structures, although a basic buy, sell and cancel could be unified.

Gekko-Datasets - Gekko Trading Bot dataset dumps

  •    Perl

Ready to use Gekko trading bot SQLite dump files with history use to do backtests. Just copy downloaded file to the Gekko's history directory and you get for example: full history of Binance BTC pairs. The data is systematized in two ways: in order to improve Gekko's performance, full history data is divided into separate files sorted by exchange and currency pairs. Each database file contains all possible assets from a given exchange-currency. Second option: data for the last days (7, 14, 30, 60) have all possible currencies and assets from a given exchange in one db file.

cryptoexchange - Ruby library to query market data from cryptocurrency exchanges (https://www

  •    Ruby

Cryptoexchange is a rubygem for ruby developers to interact with over 200+ cryptocurrency exchange market data APIs in a single library. Some exchange API do not support market pair listings. For those exchanges, we included a custom YML file to define the list of market pairs supported by that exchange. That configuration works out of the box, however if that exchange adds new market pairs, you as the user of Cryptoexchange can explicitly add those pairs instead of waiting for this library to be updated.

kraken_ruby_client - Kraken Ruby Client is a Ruby API wrapper for the Kraken Bitcoin Exchange

  •    Ruby

A work-in-progress Ruby API wrapper for the Kraken Bitcoin Exchange. Emphasis on speed, simplicity, no meta-programming, and few dependencies.

coin_registry - A registry of JSON formatted files on 1500+ cryptocurrency tokens


Coin Registry is a collection of JSON formatted information files that is primarily used by website developers, exchange operators, terminal developers, and news publications to show accurate information about different coins. The Blockmodo API always assigns type names to Payloads for easy parsing. In this paticular case, the type will always be "COINREGISTRY" for this payload.

opencx - An open-source cryptocurrency exchange toolkit for implementing experimental exchange features

  •    Go

Cryptocurrency exchanges are some of the largest businesses in the cryptocurrency space, and their reserves are often viewed as "honeypots" of cryptocurrencies. Because of this, cryptocurrency exchanges have been a hotbed of crime in the form of hacks, front-running, wash trading, fake orderbooks, and much more. In order for cryptocurrency to be successful, we need safe, trustworthy ways to exchange cryptocurrencies, without fear that coins will be stolen, or trades executed unfairly. Additionally, the vast majority of exchange software is closed-source, and exchanges have historically not implemented technological upgrades that would substantially decrease risk for users. Additionally, all of the components of OpenCX are designed to be swappable, secure, and scalable. The goal is to fit those requirements and implement features similar to that of modern cryptocurrency exchanges, while keeping high quality software.

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