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cryptocoins - Cryptocoins is the most complete vector/webfont icon pack of your favourite cryptocurrencies

  •    CSS

Cryptocoins is the most complete free vector iconpack of your favourite cryptocurrencies. Available in webfont & SVG format for taking advantage of small file sizes and unlimited scalability, Cryptocoins are perfect for usage on the web – right where they belong. Use them all or just the ones you need.

CryptoETF - Portfolio Overview Tool for Your CryptoCoin Capitalization-Weighted Portfolio.

  •    Javascript

DISCLAIMER: This tool neither is, nor should be construed as an offer, solicitation, or recommendation to buy or sell any cryptoassets. With these exchanges, you can easily build yourself your own CryptoETF.

pycoinbin - Python Wrapper for coinbin.org

  •    Python

You have to import Coinbin class from coinbin package and go ahead.

cryptocoincount - Keep track of your cryptocoin balances with CryptocoinCount

  •    Javascript

This is the source code for CryptocoinCount.com. A web application that allows you to track your cryptocoin assets. You can change api_base in /src/config.js to https://cryptocoincount.com/api/ and use the Cryptocoincount backend.

coindatabase - Database of basic properties of crypto currencies

  •    Python

CoinDataBase is a database of crypto currencies basic properties like market symbol, website, privacy/scalability/governor features, etc. The main idea of database is to provide not only the data but also proofs - URLs of web documents providing details about the values specified in database (see Policy for adding/changing data below).

coinwatch - Coinmarketcap console client to keep track of your crypto currency trades - are you winning or losing?

  •    Python

Coinwatch is a low-dependency python-based console client client to keep track of your crypto trades and easily let's you see if you are winning or losing. All you have to do is enter all of your purchases: When, How many coins and price per coin. Then each time you launch coinwatch, it will show your current status and will make you happy or sad.

Gekko-BacktestTool - Batch backtest, import and strategy params optimalization for Gekko Trading Bot

  •    Perl

CLI tool that enhances the features of Gekko's Trading Bot. The tool performs a test with multiple pairs on a single run. Suppose you have a strategy that you want to test on more currency pairs. You enter all the pairs on which you want to test the strategy for the BacktestTool's configuration file. You start the application and everything happens automatically. You are just waiting for the results that appear on the screen. You will see how your strategy falls on other pairs, where it works the best, and where the worst. More detailed data is available in the .CSV file, which you can open in a spreadsheet or text editor. You can do the same with many strategies and CandleSize values. You can test all your strategies on eg BTC-USD pair and compare results, which will allow you to choose the best strategy you will use in live trade. The installation tutorial by bald123 can be found in the Wiki: Docker installation.

Gekko-Datasets - Gekko Trading Bot dataset dumps

  •    Perl

Ready to use Gekko trading bot SQLite dump files with history use to do backtests. Just copy downloaded file to the Gekko's history directory and you get for example: full history of Binance BTC pairs. The data is systematized in two ways: in order to improve Gekko's performance, full history data is divided into separate files sorted by exchange and currency pairs. Each database file contains all possible assets from a given exchange-currency. Second option: data for the last days (7, 14, 30, 60) have all possible currencies and assets from a given exchange in one db file.

coinlist - Comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies with metadata

  •    Javascript

List compiled from the coingecko.com API. Importable as a raw JSON file or an array with helper methods. An array of coin objects.

coin_registry - A registry of JSON formatted files on 1500+ cryptocurrency tokens


Coin Registry is a collection of JSON formatted information files that is primarily used by website developers, exchange operators, terminal developers, and news publications to show accurate information about different coins. The Blockmodo API always assigns type names to Payloads for easy parsing. In this paticular case, the type will always be "COINREGISTRY" for this payload.

CryptoGoblin - CryptoNote CPU mining tool for Monero (XMR)

  •    C++

For coins based on cryptonight-classic, cryptonight-light, cryptonight-heavy and cryptonight-ipbc. Support for Monero, Electroneum, Aeon, Sumokoin, Edollar and many more. CryptoGoblin is a greedy mining goblin that will push the cpu to get as many hashes as possible, if you believe in cpu-rights, then this might not be the mining tool for you.

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