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bcrypt.js - Optimized bcrypt in plain JavaScript with zero dependencies.

  •    Javascript

Optimized bcrypt in JavaScript with zero dependencies. Compatible to the C++ bcrypt binding on node.js and also working in the browser. While bcrypt.js is compatible to the C++ bcrypt binding, it is written in pure JavaScript and thus slower (about 30%), effectively reducing the number of iterations that can be processed in an equal time span.

node.bcrypt.js - bcrypt for NodeJs

  •    C++

First, make sure that the version of node you are using is a stable version. You'll know this because it'll have an even major release number. We do not currently support unstable versions and while the module may happen to work on some unstable versions you'll find that we quickly close issues if you're not using a stable version. If you are on a stable version of node, we can't magically know what you are doing to expose an issue, it is best if you provide a snippet of code or log files if you're having an install issue. This snippet need not include your secret sauce, but it must replicate the issue you are describing. The issues that get closed without resolution tend to be the ones that don't help us help you. Thanks.

Jasypt - Java Simplified Encryption

  •    Java

Jasypt is a java library which allows the developer to add basic encryption capabilities to his/her projects with minimum effort, and without the need of having deep knowledge on how cryptography works. It provides unidirectional (digest) and bidirectional encryption techniques. It could encrypt text, byte arrays, objects, files etc. It could be integrated with Spring, Apache wicket.

bcrypt-nodejs - Native implementation of bcrypt for NodeJS

  •    Javascript

If you are looking for a javscript-only bcrypt implementation we recommend you use bcrypt.js, which is based on bcrypt-nodejs. Warning : A change was made in v0.0.3 to allow encoding of UTF-8 encoded strings. This causes strings encoded in v0.0.2 or earlier to not work in v0.0.3 anymore.

dcrypt - node.js openssl bindings

  •    C++

Openssl bindings for Node.js. Written in Coffeescript.

co-bcrypt - bcrypt wrapper for co

  •    Javascript

Since 1.0.0, co-bcrypt is using bcrypt instead of bcryptjs (a wrapper for bcryptjs: co-bcryptjs). The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

cloud-media-scripts - Upload and stream media from the cloud with or without encryption

  •    Shell

These scripts are created to have your media synced between your cloud- and local store. All media is always encrypted before being uploaded. This also means if you loose your encryption keys you can't read your media. Plexdrive version 4.0.0 and Rclone version 1.39 is used.

crypt - Pure Go crypt(3) Implementation

  •    Go

crypt provides pure golang implementations of UNIX's crypt(3). The goal of crypt is to bring a library of many common and popular password hashing algorithms to Go and to provide a simple and consistent interface to each of them. As every hashing method is implemented in pure Go, this library should be as portable as Go itself.

natrium - libsodium node.js bindings

  •    Javascript

The examples below demonstrate the usage with promises. With ecmascript 7, you can await the promises to get the result as in synchronous code. This works for all the code below. To use the await keyword, it must be contained inside an async function.

goEncrypt - go语言封装的各种对称加密和非对称加密,可以直接使用,包括3重DES,AES的CBC和CTR模式,还有RSA非对称加密,ECC椭圆曲线的加密和数字签名

  •    Go


Crypt-LE - Crypt::LE (ZeroSSL project) - Let's Encrypt client and library in Perl for getting free SSL certificates (inc

  •    Perl

This module provides the functionality necessary to use Let's Encrypt API and generate free SSL certificates for your domains. It can also be used to generate private RSA (and from version 0.20 also ECC) keys or Certificate Signing Requests without resorting to openssl command line. Crypt::LE is shipped with a self-sufficient client for obtaining SSL certificates - le.pl. Both ACME v1 and ACME v2 protocols and wildcard certificate issuance are supported.

mkpasswd - Simple mkpasswd utility written in golang for platform portability

  •    Go

Simple mkpasswd utility written in golang for platform portability.

go-crypt - Golang wrappers for glibc crypt(3)

  •    Go

If you have questions about how to use crypt (the C function), it is likely this is not the package you are looking for. NOTE Depending on the platform, this package provides a Crypt function that is backed by different flavors of the libc crypt. This is done by detecting the GOOS and trying to build using crypt_r (the GNU extension) when on linux, and wrapping around plain 'ol crypt (guarded by a global lock) otherwise.

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