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prt - CRUX port manager written in Go, aiming to replace prt-get, ports, and some pkgutils (on my machine)

  •    Go

Like said before, unlike prt-get(8), prt reimplements pkgmk(8)/pkgadd(8) fully in Go. This is mostly for more control. Like prt-get it does provide some nice extra functionality such as listing and installing dependencies, getting the location of a port, aliasing ports (for example core/openssl to 6c37-dropin/libressl), and ordering ports with the same name depending on how "important" the repo is the port resides in. There are a few differences, for example, unlike prt-get(8) you need to be in the port's directory for most commands to work, like how pkgmk(8) works. This has a few advantages, for example you can quickly download a port anywhere on the filesystem, and install it and its dependencies using prt install. Because prt-get depinst needs a port name, you can only install ports that are located in a predefined prtdir.

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