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crud-generator - Laravel CRUD Generator

  •    PHP

This Generator package provides various generators like CRUD, API, Controller, Model, Migration, View for your painless development of your applications.

Crud - CRUD PORTO Containers for apiato and Angular2 modules generator, based on Laravel 5

  •    PHP

NOTE: This container is tested on Laravel Homestead, so I sugest you to use Homestead as your development environment. Now you can go to apiato.dev/crud to start configuring your CRUD container/module.

nest-crud - Nest CRUD for RESTful APIs

  •    TypeScript

@nestjsx/crud has been designed for creating CRUD controllers and services in Nest applications. It can be used with TypeORM repositories for now, but Mongoose and additional functionality will be available soon.

laracrud - Laravel Code Generator based on Database

  •    PHP

This version are ready to use in Laravel 5.3 and above. If you are using 5.2 please have a look to config/laracrud.php and adjust folder path. Theare are some good practice for model in Laravel. Use scope to define query, define fillable, dates, casts etc. ALso define relation, setAttribute and getAttribute for doing work before and after model save and fetch.

SimpleCrudGenerator - Faster test-driven development for CRUD feature in Laravel project.

  •    PHP

Need faster TDD in Laravel project? This is a simple CRUD generator complete with automated testing suite. This package contains artisan make:crud commands to create a simple CRUD feature with test classes on our Laravel 5.5 (and later) application. This package is fairly simple, to boost test-driven development method on our laravel application.

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