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UTFPRLibrary provides a set of templates and controls that makes it easier for .NET developers to create applications (32 or 64 bits) with Windows Forms and Entity Framework 4. It's developed in C#.

CRUD Services

Provides a single generic CRUD service that can handle CRUD operations for any entity. Includes wrappers for supporting backend frameworks like Entity Framework and Linq-To-Sql, as well as for communication stacks like WCF and ASP.NET Web API.

Template based C# CRUD code generator, any database

Introduction This tool is a template driven code generator, intended to be used to generate your CRUD or data access layer. It is very simple to use. SQLCODEGEN is also extensible through the plug-in interfaces. Sample templates and sample extension projects included.

Easy CRUD and Class Creator

This code creator is very easy to use. When opening just add your connection string. Double click a table and the code is created.

SQL CRUD Application Wizard for PHP

The SQL CRUD Wizard for PHP is a sample .NET Application that can be used to generate a simple "Create, Read, Update, Delete" PHP application from a Microsoft SQL Server Database Table. The generated PHP application supports paging, sorting and simple CSS customization.

sc-sample-inventory - Sample inventory tracking app built with SocketCluster

Scroll to the bottom for installation instructions.A sample inventory tracking realtime single page app built with SocketCluster (http://socketcluster.io/), Google's Polymer (v1.0) Framework and RethinkDB. It demonstrates a way of building realtime apps.

forms-js - Core forms-js library

JavaScript library to simplify creating and validating HTML forms.

ember-sass-express-starter - Starter project for Ember+Express apps

Thanks to Ember's Convention-over-Configuration we are quickly able to generate application files with a simple command. That is a huge time saver in the long run.To start a web server, run npm start. Note: MongoDB must be running or else the server won't start. Then visit http://localhost:3000. There are no server-side views, thus you will not see res.render anywhere in the code. The index.html is loaded implicitly from the /public folder. And index.html in turn loads the entire Ember application.

ui - Build beautiful dynamic and interactive web UI in PHP

Universal and Open-Source PHP framework providing you with wide range of "UI Components" - CRUD, Wizard, Form, Table, Menu, ProgressBar, AutoComplete and many more. Any component can be invoked from pure PHP and integrated into legacy, open-source PHP apps or framework. A most common use for Agile UI is building "Admin Interface", "Signup Wizard" or even "SaaS Web App UI" where a consistent UI needs to be built with minimum effort.


Add list, edit and form components in client/src/components/ based on one of existing.

crudr - CRUD operations on persistent connection stores #node.js #javascript

Part of the main options of the lib is passing a custom method under the authority key. This method will be triggered every time a token needs to be verified. It is assumed that it will be part of your app and connected to the necessary modules that will make this verification possible. When a model is synced with a particular backend, the backend will trigger events on the object (across multiple clients) that share the backend.

bookshelf-manager - Easily wire up models to APIs with supported for complex, nested saving.

Model & Collection manager for Bookshelf.js to make it easy to create & save deep, nested JSON structures from API requests.In progress...

sc-crud-rethink - Realtime CRUD data management layer/plugin for SocketCluster using RethinkDB as the database

Realtime CRUD data management layer/plugin for SocketCluster using RethinkDB as the database.See https://github.com/socketcluster/sc-sample-inventory for a full working sample.