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weblate - Web based translation tool with tight version control integration.

  •    Python

Weblate is a free web-based translation tool with tight version control integration. It features simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across components within a project, quality checks and automatic linking to source files. Weblate has its website at https://weblate.org/.

PyBossa - Crowd Sourcing Platform

  •    Python

PyBossa is an open source platform for crowd-sourcing online (volunteer) assistance to perform tasks that require human cognition, knowledge or intelligence (e.g. image classification, transcription, information location etc). PyBossa is not designed to handle payment or money — it is designed to support volunteer-driven projects.

voice-web - Responsive web, Android and iOS apps for collecting public voice data.

  •    TypeScript

This is a web, android and iOS app for collection speech donations for Project Common Voice.[Non-code] Please help us add sentences to read. See issue 341 for details.

shareabouts - Shareabouts is a mapping application for crowdsourced info gathering.

  •    Javascript

Shareabouts is an online mapping tool to gather crowdsourced public input in a social and engaging process. Using Shareabouts, people can drop a pin on a map to provide ideas, suggestions, and comments for planning and design issues. And as a mobile-friendly application, Shareabouts makes it easy to add input on the go. It's helpful, but not required, to know about the architecture of Shareabouts before starting.

photo-survey - Photo Survey Application and Data Management tools for the Photo Survey solution

  •    Javascript

If you implemented the June 2016 (or before) version of the application, upgrade to the December 2017 version (release) of the application. The December 2017 version of the application has been updated to use a table to configure survey questions, and so has the implementation process. The previous versions have been placed into mature support, for detailed instructions for upgrading, please visit the documentation page. Photo Survey is a configurable JavaScript application designed to crowdsource property damage assessments, inventory blighted properties, target reappraisal efforts, identify structures that could pose safety concerns, as well as gather information from photos collected from camera traps, such as wildlife photos.

crowdsource-manager - An ArcGIS Online group application template authored by organization and made available to operations staff to review incoming problems or observations; and assign problems or observations to appropriate staff

  •    Javascript

Crowdsource Manager, a companion group template to Crowdsource Reporter, allows users within an organization to review problems or observations submitted through the Reporter application. Note: If your application edits features in a feature service, contains secure services or web maps that aren't shared publicly, or generate requests that exceed 200 characters, you may need to set up and use a proxy page. Common situations where you may exceed the URL length are using complex polygons as input to a task or specifying a spatial reference using well-known text (WKT). For details on installing and configuring a proxy page see Using the proxy. If you do not have an Internet connection, you will need to access and deploy the ArcGIS API for JavaScript documentation from developers.arcgis.com.

crowdsource-polling - Provides a means for citizens to provide feedback to their governments

  •    Javascript

Crowdsource Polling is a configurable web application template that allows users to submit comments or feedback on existing plans and proposals. The application is responsively designed to be used on tablets and desktop computers. The Crowdsource Polling application presents a map that can be used to gauge sentiment on specific plans or proposals. Users can anonymously submit new comments and/or vote on the importance of the plan or proposal. They also can authenticate with their social media credentials and have an open dialog with other members of the community.

crowdsource-reporter - An ArcGIS Online group application template authored by organization and made available to constituents to report a problem or observation

  •    Javascript

Crowdsource Reporter is a configurable group application template that allows users to submit problems or observations. The Crowdsource Reporter application presents one, or more, maps that can be used to report a problem or observation. Users can anonymously submit new reports, review existing reports, and comment and vote on reports or observations submitted by other users. They can also authenticate with their social media or ArcGIS Online credentials and track the status of problems or observations they have reported.

wq - 📱🌐📋 wq: a modular framework supporting mobile / web geographic data collection applications for citizen science, crowdsourcing, and VGI

  •    Python

wq is a modular framework for citizen science field data collection via offline-capable mobile web apps. See the documentation for more information. See https://github.com/wq/wq/issues to report any issues.

crowdsource-reporter-scripts - Scripts that can be used to extend the functionality of crowdsource reporter

  •    Python

This repository contains a series of tools that can be used to extend the functionality of editable feature layers published to an ArcGIS Online organization or an ArcGIS portal. The scripts can be scheduled using an application such as Windows Tasks to scan the feature layers for new content. A script to filter features based on lists of explicit and sensitive words. The script updates a flag field when a word on these lists is detected so that the feature no longer meets the requirements of a filter on a layer in a web map.

Sustainable-Earth - A curated list of all things sustainable

  •    Ruby

A curated list of all things sustainable. The list is divided into categories such as Books, Companies, Apps, Movies. There is no pre-established order of items in each category, the order is for contribution. If you want to contribute, please read the guide.

Get.Work.Done - The revolutionary and happy way of freelancing. Start today!


Every day millions of people come up with ideas that have the potential to change the world. Yet almost all ideas do not take any form, mainly because of lack of support from peers with similar vision, or the originator does not have a clear path of how to make it a reality. We are different from any freelancing program as in the process you learn new skills and thousands of passionate people are beside your shoulder for the entire journey. You do not owe a penny to us.

ck-crowdtuning-platforms - Meta information about platforms participating in experiment crowdsourcing using Collective Knowledge Framework (OS,CPU,GPU,GPGPU,NN

  •    1C

This repository contains JSON meta information in the open CK format about platforms participating in CK-powered experiment crowdsourcing across diverse hardware provided by volunteers. For example, it is used to crowdsource performance analysis and optimization of realistic workloads across mobile devices and IoT. The community also provides notes about setting up various hardware using this wiki.

crowdflower - Crowdflower.com API Client

  •    R

This repository will soon hold an R client package for the CrowdFlower crowdsourcing platform. The package provides two basic interfaces to Crowdflower, one that uses a familiar functional programming style and another that relies on R6 classes with reference semantics. Both are equivalent but each might be more useful for a particular application.

LabelMarker - A small tools for marking training set label in machine learning task.(crowdsourcing)

  •    HTML

You can handwork mark training set in webpage , instead of other ways. It can improve you efficiency, and you can share this page to other. It like “crowdsourcing”. Unlabed data will appear randomly, it can guarantee the labeled data evenly.

freesound-datasets - A platform for the collaborative creation of open audio collections labeled by humans and based on Freesound content

  •    Python

We would like the community to get involved and to share comments and suggestions with us and other users. Feel free to take a look at the issues and join ongoing discussions, or create a new issue. We encourage discussion about several aspects of the datasets and the platform, including but not limited to: faulty audio samples, wrong annotations, annotation tasks protocol, etc. You can check the Discussion page on the Freesound Datasets platform for some more ideas for discussion. The first dataset created through the Freesound Datasets platform is FSD: a large-scale, general-purpose dataset composed of Freesound content annotated with labels from Google’s AudioSet Ontology. All datasets collected through the platform will be openly available under Creative Commons licenses.