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token-wizard - A DApp to create token and crowdsale campaigns (ICO, TGE) on Ethereum compatible networks using open source Wizard

  •    Javascript

ICO tools should be available for non-coders for free. Raising funds from a crowd is our basic human right. Token Wizard is a tool to create token and crowdsale contracts in five simple steps. Wizard is based on TokenMarket contracts. Wizard is baked how we like it: decentralized, client side, serverless, open source, free, awesome.

presale-token - main smart-contract and crowdsale application

  •    Javascript

Refer to Administrator's Guide for more details on how to interact with the contracts. Requires Node.js version >= 6.5.1 and truffle@^3.1.1.

aragon-network-token - Smart contracts for the initial sale of ANT tokens

  •    Javascript

At the technical level ANT is a ERC20-compliant token, derived from the MiniMe Token that allows for token cloning (forking), which will be useful for many future usecases. Also built in the token is a vesting schedule for limiting ANT transferability over time. Aragon Project founders, advisors, early contributors and presale partners all have vesting in their tokens.

solidity-audit-checklist - A checklist of things to look for when auditing Solidity smart contracts.


A checklist of things to look for when auditing Solidity smart contracts. This is not a comprehensive list and solidity is quickly evolving so please do due dilegence on your part.

ethereum-ico-contract - Tested Ethereum ICO Contract for Token Crowdsales

  •    Javascript

This is a basic example of a crowdsale with a brand new ERC20 token. First deploy the Sale contract, and then the ERC20 token contract. The ERC20 contract will require the Sale Contract etheruem address. Now you can finalize the process by running the setup function to the Sale contract. The setup function requires the token contract address and then ending block number of when the ICO should end. The owner of the contract can also end at any time. Example: setup("0x501775ea69e834c2cdc0be13ab25704d92168101", 7000000) creating transaction 0x682392db4d184fc5e96c7dbf53b29c891d7158422ecd7935b484159ed633ca79 My ICO sale will end and expire on block #7000000.