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plus4IDE is a cross platform integrated development environment aimed primarily at the Commodore (CBM) 264 family of 8-bit microcomputers.

react-native-tableview-simple - Flexible and lightweight React Native component for UITableView made with pure CSS

  •    Javascript

This cross-platform component is inspired by the iOS-TableView. Made with pure CSS, the intention is to provide a flexible and lightweight alternative to a bridged component. react-native-tableview-simple provides you with some predefined CSS-styles, inspired by the native TableView. You can always mix the Cell-instances inside a Section, with other (React-Native)-Views. Therefore the Cell-Component itself can't be manipulated heavily.

symreader-converter - Converts between Windows PDB and Portable PDB formats.

  •    CSharp

Converts between Windows PDB and Portable PDB formats.Pre-release builds are available on MyGet gallery: https://dotnet.myget.org/Gallery/symreader-converter.

m_tunnel - A Secure Tunnel with SOCKS5 Proxy Interface, support Linux/MacOS/FreeBSD/Windows

  •    C

m_tunnel was a secure TCP tunnel with SOCKS5 proxy interface, action like shadowsocks. It's lightweight and play well with m_kcptun or kcptun. only support IPV4, under Linux/MacOS/FreeBSD/Windows, base on m_net, m_foundation, m_dnscnt.

flutter_login - 100% Shared Code Android/iOS Login Example - JSON API

  •    Dart

This example uses a ScrollView, JSON Rest API, Navigation, Alert Pop Up, Progress Indicator, Globals, Images in a shared asset folder, and 100% Shared Code. Now with the ability to login with FaceID, TouchID, and Fingerprint Reader on Android. Clone or Fork Project to get started.

rtsp-stream - Out of box solution for RTSP - HLS live stream transcoding

  •    Go

rtsp-stream is an easy to use out of box solution that can be integrated into existing systems resolving the problem of not being able to play rtsp stream natively in browsers. It converts RTSP streams into HLS based on traffic. The idea behind this is that the application should not transcode anything until someone is actually watching the stream. This can help with network bottlenecks in systems where there are a lot of cameras installed.

rnl - RNL - Realtime Network Library - The opensource reliable UDP network library

  •    Pascal

RNL is an UDP-based network library for real-time applications and games, inspired by ENet, yojimbo, libgren, and so on. RNL is designed around common patterns used in real-time games, which are simulation bound, not I/O bound, and completely stateful, so async IO does not make a lot of sense. Thus the RNL core design is single-threaded, not multi-threaded. But you can use multiple TRNLHost instances inside multiple different threads (one to very few instances per one thread), so that you can host multiple network game matches at the same machine, as long as this one machine is strong and fast enough for hosting multiple network game matches at the same time.

react-native-wheel-datepicker - Android & iOS iOS-style Picker & DatePicker Components for ReactNative

  •    Javascript

A iOS style picker and datepicker components for ReactNative. This is the third fork of repository and its targeted to support and maintain current code. I asked github team to make it my own as is all pull requests goes directly to @lesliesam original repository but it seems to be no longer maintained.

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