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bridge-ui - A DApp for POA Bridge, a cross chain bridge between POA and Ethereum networks

  •    Javascript

Bridge UI allows users to explore all cross chain transactions that are happening. Users can submit a transaction on both sides of the networks. The amount sent must be within the daily limits provided by the contracts. When the transaction is validated, the user should expect to see a Withdrawal Event on the Foreign Network (right-side - Ethereum Foundation). After some time, Validators submit signatures emitting SignedForWithdrawal event to the Foreign Network. Once the required number of signatures is reached, CollectedSignatures event is emitted on the Foreign Network. The ERC20 tokens are burned on the Foreign Network. This process generates a signed message which Validators submit on the Home Network. The user automatically receives their Native POA Coin.

peace-relay - PeaceRelay: Connecting the Ethereum blockchains

  •    Javascript

Peace Relay is a system of smart contracts that aim to allow for cross-EVM-chain communication using relay contracts. These contracts will be able to verifiy merkle-patricia proofs about state, transactions, or receipts within specific blocks.

ilp-sdk - Stream Interledger payments between Lightning, Ethereum and XRP

  •    TypeScript

The SDK is built around the concept of an uplink, which is a relationship with a connector, or money router, using a particular settlement mechanism. Any number of uplinks can be configured, with different private keys/accounts on the base ledger, connected to different connectors. By default, the SDK connects to the Kava testnet connector; user-defined connectors will be supported in the near future. However, Kava's connector configuration is open-source, enabling you to run a local connector for development.

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