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node-cron - Cron for NodeJS.

  •    Javascript

Cron is a tool that allows you to execute something on a schedule. This is typically done using the cron syntax. We allow you to execute a function whenever your scheduled job triggers. We also allow you to execute a job external to the javascript process using child_process. Additionally, this library goes beyond the basic cron syntax and allows you to supply a Date object. This will be used as the trigger for your callback. Cron syntax is still an acceptable CronTime format. Although the Cron patterns supported here extend on the standard Unix format to support seconds digits, leaving it off will default to 0 and match the Unix behavior. Because we can't magically know what you are doing to expose an issue, it is best if you provide a snippet of code. This snippet need not include your secret sauce, but it must replicate the issue you are describing. The issues that get closed without resolution tend to be the ones without code examples. Thanks.

Agenda - Lightweight job scheduling for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Agenda is a light-weight job scheduling library for Node.js. It aims to keep its code base small. It is backed by Mongo backed persistence layer. It supports scheduling with configurable priority, concurrency, repeating and persistence of job results, Scheduling via cron or human readable syntax, Event backed job queue that you can hook into.

Bree - Best job scheduler for Node.js and JavaScript with cron, dates, ms, later, and human-friendly support

  •    Javascript

Bree is the best job scheduler for Node.js and JavaScript with cron, dates, ms, later, and human-friendly support. It uses worker threads (Node.js) and web workers (browsers) to spawn sandboxed processes, and supports async/await, retries, throttling, concurrency, and cancelable jobs with graceful shutdown.

aws-lambda-start-server - AWS Lambda function that will start servers.

  •    TypeScript

Download the zip file and deploy it as a lambda function.After you deployed the lambda function, you navigate to Event sources and choose for the Scheduled Event. After naming your event, you can provide the following schedule expression.

aws-lambda-stop-server - AWS Lambda function that will stop servers.

  •    Javascript

AWS Lambda function that will stop servers that have a tag with the key StopGroup and the value the name of the lambda function.Download the zip file and deploy it as a lambda function.

cron-scheduler - Runs jobs in periodic intervals

  •    Javascript

cron-scheduler is a way to run functions at specific times of the day. It runs in Node.js as well as the browser.It requires a Promise implementation to work. If you're on Node.js v4 or later, you should be fine. Otherwise, you'll also need to install bluebird (or rsvp, when, or q.js).

kube-job-cleaner - Delete complete/failed Kubernetes jobs after one hour

  •    Python

Very simple script to delete all completed jobs after X seconds (default: one hour). Kubernetes jobs are not cleaned up by default and completed pods are never deleted. Running jobs frequently (like every few minutes) quickly thrashes the Kubernetes API server with unnecessary pod resources. A significant slowdown of the API server can be observed with increasing number of completed jobs/pods hanging around. To mitigate this, This small kube-job-cleaner script runs as a CronJob every hour and cleans up completed jobs/pods.

borg-cron-helper - Helper shell scripts for BorgBackup to automate backups and make your life easier… 😉

  •    Shell

They add some convienent features around borg, regarding environments with only one client. When the backup process is interrupted, sometimes the remote borg repository stays locked. That's why further backups will fail.

kubecron - Utilities to manage kubernetes cronjobs

  •    Go

Utilities to manage kubernetes cronjobs. Run a CronJob manually for test purposes. Suspend/unsuspend a CronJob

aws-lambda-ec2-start-stop - AWS Lambda function that will start and stop EC2 instances

  •    Javascript

AWS Lambda function that will stop or stop EC2 instances that have a tag with the key start-group or stop-group and the value the name of the lambda function. Download the /dist/build.zip file from the latest release and deploy it as a lambda function (use master at your own risk).

mongodb-cron - MongoDB collection as crontab

  •    TypeScript

This package offers a simple API for scheduling tasks and running recurring jobs on MongoDB collections. Any collection can be converted into a job queue or crontab list. It uses the officially supported Node.js driver for MongoDB. It's fast, minimizes processing overhead and it uses atomic commands to ensure safe job executions even in cluster environments. This is a light weight open source package for NodeJS written with TypeScript. It's actively maintained, well tested and already used in production environments. The source code is available on GitHub where you can also find our issue tracker.

swarm-cronjob - 📅 Create jobs on a time-based schedule on Swarm

  •    Go

swarm-cronjob creates jobs on a time-based schedule on Swarm with a dedicated service in a distributed manner that configures itself automatically and dynamically through labels and Docker API. Now that we have a swarm-cronjob instance up and running, we will deploy new services.

workflow-controller - Kubernetes workflow controller

  •    Go

A simple Kubernetes workflow controller. TODO: add more explanations. At this point the workflow-controller will start to handle the jobs.

schedule.cr - :clock3: Run periodic tasks in Crystal

  •    Crystal

Schedule is a Crystal shard that provides a clear DSL to write periodic or scheduled tasks. It has the ability to stop or retry the job whenever is necessary, with proper ways to handle exceptions. See usage examples in examples folder. This blog post describes the basic usage of Schedule.

lambda-cron - LambdaCron - serverless cron tool

  •    Python

LambdaCron is a serverless cron tool. It provides a way to run scheduled tasks on the AWS cloud defined in YAML and managed by a command line tool (LambdaCron CLI). Tasks are scheduled using the same syntax for expressions as Linux crontab. Traditionally, to run scheduled tasks you need set up cron jobs in the server where you want them to run. This doesn't make sense when building a serverless architecture, where servers are transparent to users. In order to solve this AWS provides CloudWatch Events, which allow you to run scheduled events (called rules) to invoke AWS services in a cron-like way. While it is a useful tool, it is very different from the traditional way to manage and run cron jobs and it has some serious limitations.

terraform-aws-efs-backup - Terraform module designed to easily backup EFS filesystems to S3 using DataPipeline

  •    HCL

Terraform module designed to easily backup EFS filesystems to S3 using DataPipeline. This project is part of our comprehensive "SweetOps" approach towards DevOps.

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