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chronos - Fault tolerant job scheduler for Mesos which handles dependencies and ISO8601 based schedules

  •    Scala

Chronos is a replacement for cron. It is a distributed and fault-tolerant scheduler that runs on top of Apache Mesos that can be used for job orchestration. It supports custom Mesos executors as well as the default command executor. Thus by default, Chronos executes sh (on most systems bash) scripts. Chronos can be used to interact with systems such as Hadoop (incl. EMR), even if the Mesos agents on which execution happens do not have Hadoop installed. Included wrapper scripts allow transfering files and executing them on a remote machine in the background and using asynchronous callbacks to notify Chronos of job completion or failures. Chronos is also natively able to schedule jobs that run inside Docker containers.

sidekiq-cron - Scheduler / Cron for Sidekiq jobs

  •    Ruby

A scheduling add-on for Sidekiq. Runs a thread alongside Sidekiq workers to schedule jobs at specified times (using cron notation * * * * * parsed by Rufus-Scheduler, more about cron notation.

android-job - Android library to handle jobs in the background.

  •    Java

A utility library for Android to run jobs delayed in the background. Depending on the Android version either the JobScheduler, GcmNetworkManager or AlarmManager is getting used. You can find out in this blog post or in these slides why you should prefer this library than each separate API. All features from Android Oreo are backward compatible back to Ice Cream Sandwich. Starting with version 1.3.0 the library will use the WorkManager internally, please read the documentation and opt-in.

healthchecks - A Cron Monitoring Tool written in Python & Django

  •    Python

healthchecks is a watchdog for your cron jobs. It's a web server that listens for pings from your cron jobs, plus a web interface. These are instructions for setting up healthchecks Django app in development environment.

nodock - Docker Compose for Node projects with Node, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, NGINX, Apache2, Memcached, Certbot and RabbitMQ images

  •    Shell

The docker Node.js image is very simple, you give it an entrypoint and it runs it. This is fine for very simple/small scripts but for larger projects you'll probably want something a bit more robust. The goal of NoDock is to provide a complete environment for your node project: Node.js service(s), databases, web servers, queues, etc. while doing the "wiring" for you.

croncape - Croncape wraps commands run as cron jobs to send emails only when an error or a timeout has occurred

  •    Go

Croncape wraps commands run as cron jobs to send emails only when an error or a timeout has occurred. Out of the box, crontab can send an email when a job generates output. But a command is not necessarily unsuccessful "just" because it used the standard or error output. Checking the exit code would be better, but that's not how crontab was standardized.

Cronhub-Monitor - A native CronHub notification client for Android.

  •    Java

This app serves as a native Android notification client for cronhub.io. Its only purpose is to deliver status notifications at the alert time specified on CronHub, using their public API. It does not currently allow users to edit CronHub monitors, but that functionality may be added in the future. See this repository's CONTRIBUTING.md for more information.

cronex - A cron like system built in Elixir, that you can mount in your supervision tree

  •    Elixir

A cron like system, built in Elixir, that you can mount in your supervision tree. Cronex's DSL for adding cron jobs is inspired by whenever Ruby gem.

Meteor-CRON-jobs - Task and jobs runner. With support of clusters or multiple NodeJS instances.

  •    Javascript

Simple package with similar API to native setTimeout and setInterval methods, but synced between all running Meteor (NodeJS) instances. Multi-instance task manager for Node.js. This package has the support of cluster or multi-thread NodeJS instances. This package will help you to make sure only one process of each task is running.