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create-android-kotlin-app - Create android kotlin app from template.

  •    Kotlin

This is an android application template project built with kotlin language and some useful libraries. It provides a creator script to quickly create an project from template. For more details, you can look at the code of template directly.

docsify-cli - 🖌 docsify cli tool - A magical documentation generator.

  •    Javascript

🖌 docsify cli - A magical documentation generator. Running a server on localhost with live-reload.

dream-pdf - A modular JavaScript library to create PDFs

  •    Javascript

By default, dream-pdf only supports adding text. To add other things than 'text' to your PDF, a plugin needs to be registered that handles the types.


  •    Javascript

This is a port of some parts of GDevelop to Javascript using Emscripten.GDevelop is a full featured, cross-platform, open-source game creator software requiring no programming skills. Download it on the official website and check its GitHub page.

lpub3d - LDraw™ editor for LEGO® style digital building instructions.

  •    C++

An LDraw™ editor for LEGO® style digital building instructions. LPub3D is an Open Source WYSIWYG editing application for creating LEGO® style digital building instructions. LPub3D is developed and maintained by Trevor SANDY. It uses the LDraw parts library, the most comprehensive library of digital Open Source LEGO® bricks available (www.ldraw.org/ ) and reads the LDraw LDR and MPD model file formats.

node-bplist-creator - Binary Mac OS X Plist (property list) creator.

  •    Javascript

Binary Mac OS X Plist (property list) creator. Javascript don't have different types for 1 and 1.0. This package will automatically store numbers as the appropriate type, but can't detect floats that is also integers.

RapidGame - A commandline tool for Windows, Mac and Linux that prebuilds cocos2d-x static libraries

  •    Javascript

Prebuilds cocos2d-x libraries for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android for multiple architectures and configurations, virtually eliminating the need to ever rebuild. Creates cross-platform game projects from templates for a variety of game engines. Supports cocos2d-x, Unity, Corona and Appcelerator Titanium. The default game template creates a simple Breakout clone with a menu and game scene.

esp8266-oled-ssd1306-font-creator - Font creator for the esp8266-oled-ssd1306 library

  •    Java

Font creator for the esp8266-oled-ssd1306 library. It's generate font.h file in Font V3 format used in this library. You can download pre-build console application from latest release page. For running this application you need JRE 1.8 (Sun JRE or OpenJDK) and newer. In fontcreator/bin directory are located bat/bash scripts to execute the app. For usages see bellow...

deck.zone - A board game creation tool.

  •    Javascript

A game-creation helper for creating decks, tokens, chits, tiles, etc.

pgn-tactics-generator - Generate chess puzzles / tactics from a pgn file

  •    Python

This is a python application dedicated to creating chess puzzles/tactics from a pgn file. Also it can download your games from lichess.org and use that file. There is another option if you don't want to install and manage python scripts I created a more user friendly tactics generator and it's online http://chesstacticsgenerator.vitomd.com It uses a different approach to create tactics, so probably it will generate a different set of tactics.

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