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node-fd-slicer - safely create multiple ReadStream or WriteStream objects from the same file descriptor

  •    Javascript

Safe fs.ReadStream and fs.WriteStream using the same fd.Note that it is unsafe to use fs.write multiple times on the same file without waiting for the callback. For this scenario, fs.createWriteStream is strongly recommended.

level-option-wrap - wrap `opts.{{g,l}{t,e,te},start,end}` arguments with functions

  •    Javascript

With this package you can expose familiar db.createReadStream() options like from leveldb but without leaking information about your internal key representations.For example, suppose you have a list of users using a bytewise keyEncoding and you want to let api consumers constrain the output. If you pass through opts.gt/opts.lt arguments directly, you must communicate to api consumers the internal structure of your keys, which breaks encapsulation.

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