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quicli - Quickly build cool CLI apps in Rust.

  •    Rust

Quickly build cool CLI apps in Rust. at your option.

cr8 - A collection of command line tools for crate devs

  •    Python

A collection of command line tools for Crate developers (and maybe users as well). Python >= 3.6 is required to use the command line tools.

fdk-rust - An experimental Function Development Kit for the Rust language

  •    Rust

This crate implements an experimental Function Development Kit for the Fn Project serverless platform. The API provided hides the implementation details of the Fn platform contract and allows a user to focus on the code and easily implement function-as-a-service programs.

rust-imap - IMAP client library for Rust

  •    Rust

This crate lets you connect to and interact with servers that implement the IMAP protocol (RFC 3501 and various extensions). After authenticating with the server, IMAP lets you list, fetch, and search for e-mails, as well as monitor mailboxes for changes. It supports at least the latest three stable Rust releases (possibly even older ones; check the CI results). To connect, use the [connect] function. This gives you an unauthenticated [Client]. You can then use [Client::login] or [Client::authenticate] to perform username/password or challenge/response authentication respectively. This in turn gives you an authenticated [Session], which lets you access the mailboxes at the server.

rust-cid - CID in rust

  •    Rust

CID implementation in Rust. Then run cargo build.


  •    Javascript

By default the region is assumed to be us-standard. The region is used to assemble the endpoint so please specify a different one if you are hosting in Europe, for example. A full list of valid S3 regions is available from the AWS documentation website.

coord-rs - A simple, ergonomic vector mathematics crate for Rust

  •    Rust

Coord is a simple, ergonomic vector mathematics crate for Rust designed for use in game development, physics engines and other programs that deal with general-purpose multi-variable mathematics. To use Coord in your Rust project, add the following line beneath the [dependencies] section in your Cargo.toml file.

easy_reader - ⏮ ⏯ ⏭ Navigate forwards, backwards or randomly through the lines of huge files

  •    Rust

The main goal of this library is to allow long navigations through the lines of large files, freely moving forwards and backwards or getting random lines without having to consume an iterator. Currently with Rust's standard library is possible to read a file line by line only through Lines (https://doc.rust-lang.org/std/io/trait.BufRead.html#method.lines), with which is impossible (or very expensive) to read backwards and to get random lines. Also, being an iterator, every line that has already been read is consumed and to get back to the same line you need to reinstantiate the reader and consume all the lines until the desired one (eg. in the case of the last line, all).

crates - crates is an extension aims to help people to manage their dependencies for rust (crates

  •    TypeScript

This is crates, an extension for crates.io dependencies. Aims helping developers to manage dependencies while using Cargo.toml. crates is very simple. It has just two features.

crate-ci.github.io - Crate CI: Documentation

  •    HTML

If you'd like to read the crate-ci docs, you can visit https://crate-ci.github.io to read it online. Please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file for more details.

cratejs - This is a node.js driver for the Crate data storage.

  •    Javascript

An extension to crate-connect, CrateJS will provide you with better methods for working with Crate.io.

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