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commanded - Use Commanded to build Elixir CQRS/ES applications

  •    Elixir

Use Commanded to build your own Elixir applications following the CQRS/ES pattern. Commanded provides a solid technical foundation for you to build on. It allows you to focus on modelling your domain, the most important part of your app, creating a better application at a faster pace.

eventstore - CQRS event store using PostgreSQL for persistence

  •    Elixir

CQRS event store implemented in Elixir. Uses PostgreSQL as the underlying storage engine. Requires Elixir v1.5 and PostgreSQL v9.5 or newer.

awesome-elixir-cqrs - A curated list of awesome Elixir and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) resources


A curated list of awesome Elixir, Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), and event sourcing resources. Chronik - A lightweight event sourcing micro framework for Elixir.

conduit - RealWorld example backend implementing the CQRS/ES pattern in Elixir and Phoenix

  •    Elixir

Discover why functional languages, such as Elixir, are ideally suited to building applications following the command query responsibility segregation and event sourcing (CQRS/ES) pattern. Conduit is a blogging platform, an exemplary Medium.com clone, built as a Phoenix web application.

event_sourcery_todo_app - Example event_sourcery app

  •    Ruby

An example event sourced/CQRS web application built using EventSourcery and its Postgres event store implementation. This application is intended to illustrate concepts in EventSourcery, how they relate to each other, and how to use them in practice.

commanded-audit-middleware - Command auditing middleware for Commanded CQRS/ES applications

  •    Elixir

Command auditing middleware for Commanded CQRS/ES applications. Records every dispatched command to the configured database storage. Includes whether the command was successfully handled, or any error.

commanded-ecto-projections - Read model projections for Commanded using Ecto

  •    Elixir

Read model projections for Commanded CQRS/ES applications using Ecto for persistence. You should already have Ecto installed and configured before proceeding. Please follow the Ecto Getting Started guide to get going first.

CQRSAzure - CQRS on Windows Azure

  •    CSharp

Despite numerous articles and the favourable experiences of enterprise application developers, CQRS has not caught on as a mainstream development architecture (in the way that, for example, MVC has). I believe that two things are needed in order to demonstrate the architecture and increase its adoption: (1) examples to demonstrate the advantages of scalability, simplicity, testing and read/write independence and (2) tooling to allow developers rapidly to assemble the CQRS application in a graphical model.

eShopOnContainersDDD - Fork of dotnet-architecture/eShopOnContainers in full DDD/CQRS design using my own patterns

  •    CSharp

This project is a fork (maybe better a loose copy) of Microsoft's container example eShopOnContainers. I implemented many of the same objects using my own DDD, EventSourcing library Aggregates.NET and its meant to be an illustrative example of a fully event sourced application.

TodoMVC-DDD-CQRS-EventSourcing - Implementation of basic Todo app via tastejs/todomvc in C#/Typescript with eventsourcing, cqrs, and domain driven design

  •    CSharp

Being this project has such a small domain context there are only a couple source files which contain real logic. Other files are helpers, extensions, or setup. EventSourcing is a process of representing domain objects (Orders, Invoices, Accounts, etc) as a series of separate events.

crabzilla - Yet another Event Sourcing experiment

  •    Kotlin

Yet another Event Sourcing experiment

go.cqrs - A Golang reference implementation of the CQRS pattern.

  •    Go

Go.CQRS provides interfaces and implementations to support a CQRS implementation in Golang. The examples directory contains a sample application that demonstrates how to use Go.CQRS. As much as possible Go.CQRS has been designed with the principles of CQRS espoused by Greg Young which represents the best thinking on the topic.

go-cqrs-all - All-in-one collection for Go CQRS / ES / DDD examples

  •    Go

A handy reference of common idioms and patterns how to implement CQRS / ES in GO. The main purpose is reading / learning / teaching.

eventsourcing-go - Event Sourcing + CQRS using Golang Tutorial

  •    Go

Imagine that you are working for a large news publisher called Fairflax Media, inspired by flax flower (not to be mistaken with Fairfax Media, of course). You have been tasked with breaking the huge monolith system into microservices and moving everything to Kuberentes. You prefer domain driven design, and believe that each database should only ever be owned by a single application. But as time goes by, you notice that many services need common data. You need to make sure that the data is consistent across all services and the query performance is reasonable.

les - Go directly from an event storming to a working API: Event Markdown / Markup validation & NodeJS CQRS/ES application builder

  •    Go

Event sourcing and CQRS/ES based "microservices" are increasingly seen as a nice way to build cohesive, loosely coupled systems with good transactional integrity. There is a knack to building software that way, so although the resulting systems tend to be much simpler and easier to understand than traditional (e.g.) object oriented implementations, there is a bit of a learning curve. Fast microservice prototyping: Go directly from an event storming to a working event sourced API.

nota - "None Of The Above" - is going to be a secure online voting system, intended to give the electorate better choices

  •    Javascript

NOTA ("None Of The Above") will be a secure online voting system. We are building it at https://www.meetup.com/DDD-CQRS-ES/. We develop example DDD/CQRS/ES systems on a regular basis as part of the meetup. See https://geteventstore.com/downloads/ .

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