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compile-time-regular-expressions - A Compile time PCRE (almost) compatible regular expression matcher

  •    C++

Fast compile-time regular expression with support for matching/searching/capturing in compile-time or runtime. You can use single header version from directory single-header. This header can be regenerated with make single-header.

cppinsights - C++ Insights - See your source code with the eyes of a compiler

  •    C++

C++ Insights is a clang-based tool which does a source to source transformation. Its goal is it to make things visible which normally, and intentionally, happen behind the scenes. It's about the magic the compiler does for us to make things work. You can see all the compiler provided functions. Also the downcast from Derived to Base.

concurrencpp - Modern concurrency for C++

  •    C++

concurrencpp is a tasking library for C++ allowing developers to write highly concurrent applications easily and safely by using tasks, executors and coroutines. By using concurrencpp applications can break down big procedures that need to be processed asynchronously into smaller tasks that run concurrently and work in a co-operative manner to achieve the wanted result. concurrencpp also allows applications to write parallel algorithms easily by using parallel coroutines. concurrencpp is a task-centric library. A task is an asynchronous operation. Tasks offer a higher level of abstraction for concurrent code than traditional thread-centric approaches. Tasks can be chained together, meaning that tasks pass their asynchronous result from one to another, where the result of one task is used as if it were a parameter or an intermediate value of another ongoing task. Tasks allow applications to utilize available hardware resources better and scale much more than using raw threads, since tasks can be suspended, waiting for another task to produce a result, without blocking underlying OS-threads. Tasks bring much more productivity to developers by allowing them to focus more on business-logic and less on low-level concepts like thread management and inter-thread synchronization.

span-lite - span lite - A single-file header-only version of a C++20-like span for C++98, C++11 and later

  •    C++

span lite is a single-file header-only library to provide a bounds-safe view for sequences of objects. The library provides a C++20-like span for use with C++98 and later. If available, std::span is used, unless configured otherwise. Features and properties of span lite are ease of installation (single header), freedom of dependencies other than the standard library. To compensate for the class template argument deduction that is missing from pre-C++17 compilers, nonstd::span can provide make_span functions. See configuration.

vim-cpp-modern - Extended Vim syntax highlighting for C and C++ (C++11/14/17/20)

  •    Vim

This plugin provides additional syntax highlighting for C and C++11/14/17/20 development in Vim. It provides highlighting of functions, as well as all types, helper types and helper template variables in the C++ standard library. It also adds syntax highlighting of C++20 library concepts. The syntax file is based on vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight.

JiviX-Code - Really big real-time rendering library project, but only for Vulkan API


The project is closed until better times. I just physically do not have the ability to serve an already whole horde of projects... I offer you a new project: ValerA, on which I am paying enough attention...

vkt - 🏹 Vulkan API Tools and Helpers for C++20

  •    C++

Vulkan API Tools C++ helping library. The most long-live library ever (more than 2 years)... The library is becoming obsolete today. Despite all my clean-ups and reorganizations, too much junk has accumulated in the code. Therefore, I decide to create a new library for the Vulkan API, based on C ++ 20 and C17.

seqan3 - The modern C++ library for sequence analysis

  •    C++

By leveraging Modern C++ it provides unprecedented ease-of-use without sacrificing performance. Please see the online documentation for more details.

Data-Structures-and-Algorithms - Solution to 500+ popular data structure and algorithm problems in Java, C++ and Python programming languages

  •    Java

P.S. Each programming language folder has its own table of contents. This repository is released under the MIT license. In short, this means you are free to use this software in any personal, open-source or commercial projects. Attribution is optional but appreciated.

scope-guard - Implementation of Scoped Guards and Unique Resource as proposed in P0052.

  •    C++

Implementation of Scope Guards (scope_exit, scope_success, scope_fail) and unique_resource as proposed in P0052R10. The namespace sr is used instead of std.

stm32-eth - Experimental C++ Ethernet driver for Stm32 boards using W5100.

  •    C

Ethernet connectivity for Stm32F4 Boards using W5100 Ethernet controller. Executing tests using CTest: make test or ctest. For unittest it's possible to switch verbosity by CMake option.

Ichor - C++20 thread confinement and dependency injection framework.

  •    C++

Ichor, Greek Mythos for ethereal fluid that is the blood of the gods/immortals, is a C++ framework/middleware for thread confinement and dependency injection. Ichor informally stands for "Intuitive Compile-time Hoisted Object Resources".

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