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jscpd - Copy/paste detector for programming source code.

  •    CoffeeScript

jscpd is a tool for detect copy/paste "design pattern" in programming source code.If you need support language not from list feel free to create request.

static-code-analysis-plugin - A plugin to simplify Static Code Analysis on Gradle

  •    Groovy

Static Code Analysis wraps around Checkstyle, Findbugs, PMD and CPD, offering new features and extensions to the encapsulated plugins, making it easier to use them and providing better results with minimum effort. The plugin is compatible with Gradle 2.3+, Gradle 3.0+ and Gradle 4.0+. We are commited to supporting at least the last 2 major gradle versions.

cpd - C++ implementation of the Coherent Point Drift point set registration algorithm.

  •    C++

Coherent Point Drift (CPD) is a point-set registration algorithm, originally developed by Andriy Myronenko et al. This is a C++ library that runs CPD. CPD can be compared to Iterative Closest Point, another point-set registration algorithm that is widely used. While ICP minimizes point-to-point distances, CPD uses a Gaussian Mixture Model to minimize the error between a point and all other points. If you're thinking that this is very computationally intensive, you're right — both the CPD algorithm and the underlying error calculations take a lot of time, which is why we've created fgt to speed up those Gauss transforms. We hope this library provides a freer and more performant alternative to the original reference Matlab implementation.

grunt-jscpd - Grunt task for use jscpd

  •    Javascript

Grunt task for use jscpd. jscpd is a tool for detect copy/past "design pattern" in JavaScript and CoffeeScript code. Glob pattern for files to exclude from the analysis.

splatt - The Surprisingly ParalleL spArse Tensor Toolkit.

  •    C

SPLATT is a library and C API for sparse tensor factorization. SPLATT supports shared-memory parallelism with OpenMP and distributed-memory parallelism with MPI. will suffice. The installation prefix can be chosen by adding a '--prefix=DIR' flag to configure.

gradle-code-quality-tools-plugin - Gradle plugin that generates ErrorProne, Findbugs, Checkstyle, PMD, CPD, Lint, Detekt & Ktlint Tasks for every subproject

  •    Groovy

Gradle plugin that configures Error Prone, Findbugs, Checkstyle, PMD, CPD, Lint, Detekt & Ktlint. All of these tools are also automatically hooked into the check gradle task. Below, I'll go more into depth how each of those plugins are configured. The philosophy of this plugin is to fail early. This means having zero warnings / errors reported from any tools. If you're just getting started with this in a large code base you might not be able to achieve this right away in which case you might want to set failEarly to false and then apply at a finer more granular scope how each tool should behave e.g. checkstyle { ignoreFailures = false }.

sbt-cpd - Copy & Paste Detector plugin using PMD for sbt.

  •    Scala

This is an sbt plugin for duplicate code detection using Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) from the PMD project. And then execute the plugin with sbt cpd. This will scan your source code under src/main/scala and output a report containing the duplicates to target/scala-2.xx/cpd/cpd.xml.

gulp-jscpd - Gulp plugin for the copy/paste detector jscpd

  •    Javascript

Gulp plugin for the copy/paste detector jscpd. Min size of duplication in code lines, default to 5.

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