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VSTS Code Coverage Runner - Get VS Code Coverage from NUnit or MbUnit

This project is an attempt to provide a wrapper around the VSTS instrumentation and code coverage tools. VSTS provides very powerful code coverage tools with Visual Studio, but as packaged, you need to be running MSTest unit tests to obtain this coverage data. There is a way ...

courtney - Courtney is a coverage tool for Go

Courtney makes your code coverage more meaningful, by excluding some of the less important parts.If you need to test that your code panics correctly, it should probably be an error rather than a panic.

arc-xcode-test-engine - An Xcode test engine for use with Phabricator's arc command line tool.

xcode-test-engine is a test engine for use with Phabricator's arc command line tool.xcode-test-engine presently works well with projects that have a single root workspace and a single unit test target.

tester-go - Atom Package To Run Your Go Tests And Display Test Coverage

tester-go runs go test -coverprofile on your code and then displays coverage information in the editor. By default this is done automatically on save, and you can disable it via package configuration.