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DockerCheatSheet - 🐋 Docker Cheat Sheet 🐋


This repository is trending on Github since some days now. Watch it, we will add many updates in the future. Thank you for your support.Check the website.

OLAT - Learning Management System

  •    Java

OLAT is an open source learning management system (LMS) which delivers learning services for large academic institutions to help their people accomplish a meaningful teaching and learning experience. Its feature include IMS Content Packaging, SCORM content, Manual scoring, Course archiving system, export and import, Enrolment system, Testing system and lot more.

Academica - University courses enrollment

  •    Python

Academica is a free enrollment system. It allows any person or institution to perform an online tuition. Its features include Course management, Group management, Enrollment, Payment system etc.

Practical_DL - DL course co-developed by YSDA, Skoltech and HSE

  •    Jupyter

This repo supplements Deep Learning course taught at YSDA and Skoltech @spring'18. For previous iteration visit the fall17 branch. Lecture and seminar materials for each week are in ./week* folders. Homeworks are in ./homework* folders.

vuejs-poster-shop - Source code for "The Ultimate Vue.js Developers Course"

  •    CSS

Source code for the Ultimate Vue.js Developers Course. Register Oauth 2 access to the Imgur API.

100daysofcode-with-python-course - Course materials and handouts for #100DaysOfCode in Python course

  •    Jupyter

#100DaysOfCode in Python is your perfect companion to take the 100 days of code challenge and be successful. This course is 1-part video lesson, 2-parts guided projects. You will be amazed at how many Python technologies and libraries you learn on this journey. Join the course and get started. 100 days of code is not just about the commitment. The true power and effectiveness is in having a guide and pursuing the "right-sized" projects. That’s why we have 33 deeply practical projects. Each paired with 20-40 minute lessons at the beginning of the project.

learn-fp - learn-by-doing course/tutorial for functional programming on scala

  •    Scala

This course/tutorial was created with purpose to better understand functional programming idioms using Scala language. It covers type classes, monoids, functors, applicatives, monads, traversable/foldable, monad transformers, free monad. Material is structured as set of stub/unimplemented functions/classes and tests for them. Your objective is to make all unit tests green. It is learn-by-doing course. NICTA course was a great and interesting challenge for me to do in Haskell. I think Scala community will benefit from the similar course.

Assignment Manager

  •    CSharp

Keep track of grades and upcoming assignments.

FMI Silverlight Course

  •    Silverlight

This is the site for the final project of the Silverlight course taught at the Sofia University in the summer semester of 2010.

mastering-pycharm-course - Course demos and handouts for Talk Python's Mastering PyCharm course

  •    Python

PyCharm is the premier Python IDE (integrated development environment). You will be hard pressed to find an editor that gives a more holistic way to build Python applications. While powerful, IDEs can be daunting to learn with all their features. That's why this course shows you how they all work. This course will teach you to be extremely proficient with PyCharm.

WebFundamentals - Slides for the Web Fundamentals module of the Ghent University course “Web Development”

  •    HTML

This repository contains the slides for the Web Fundamentals module of the Ghent University course Web Development. View the slides online. Please read and accept the contributor agreement before contributing.

Python-3-al-completo-desde-cero - Curso Maestro Python 3 en Udemy (20 horas)

  •    Jupyter

Este es el repositorio del curso para Udemy - "Python 3 al completo desde cero". Uno de los cursos más completos y exhaustivos que encontrarás sobre Python 3. Perfectamente estructurado y balanceado, introduce todos los temas de forma sencilla, gradual y 100% práctica. Puedes comprarlo por 10$ con un mega descuento del 95% haciendo clic aquí.

python_plotting_snippets - Tips and tricks for plotting in python

  •    Jupyter

A series of code snippets to make it easier to create nice and useful plots with python. The plots are mostly based on the seaborn library, but also the good 'ol matplotlib. Each example comes in the form of a Jupyter notebook.